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Toyota Eco Youth Program 2019 Launched

UMW Toyota Motor is continuing to spread awareness on environmental preservation this year with their Eco Youth Program.

Here are some key details:

  • Theme: “Be the Superhero to Save the World”
  • Open to all schools in Malaysia including private and international institutions
  • 12 schools will be selected based on video submissions on environmental preservation
  • These schools will go through 3 days of workshop sessions using the Toyota Problem Solving Methodology
  • Each school will get 3 months and RM2,000 to complete their project
  • The project will be monitored and evaluated by UMW Toyota’s Sustainability Team
  • Final winners will be selected in November 2019
  • Prizes: 1st place – RM10,000, 2nd place – RM7,000, 3rd place – RM4,000, 4th place – RM2,000. Consolation prize – RM1,000. RM500 will go to the school with the best video presentation and the best supporting teacher

For more details, here’s the press release.


UMW Toyota Motor today launches the Toyota Eco Youth Program 2019 with a goal to educate students on environment preservation and train them as ambassadors to advocate environmental protection in the quest for better quality of life.

Providing exposure and opportunities are essential tools to build an environmentally-conscious society of the future. In this respect, UMW Toyota Motor initiated Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) Program in 2001, a joint-effort between the company and the Ministry of Education. The TEY aimed at cultivating the importance of preserving the environment amongst the younger generation – so that they will consistently act responsibly towards
the environment to ensure a sustainable future.

Joining this initiative, myHarapan is the working partner for the 2019 program.

As part of a global initiative, Toyota Motor Corporation has established the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions, water optimization and establishing societies that embraces recycling and earth-friendly cultures.

Environment protection is a key component of UMW Toyota Motor’s corporate social responsibility activities and this eco education program is developed to encourage youths to champion the conservation efforts of our habitat for a richer quality of life. The company has spent close to RM 7 million for the program since 2001.

This year’s theme “Be the Superhero to Save the World” will incorporate ideas in line with the rapid changes in the digital world and propels the need to take impactful leadership in environment protection.

Highlighting the significance of Toyota Eco Youth series, Mr. Ravindran K, the President of UMW Toyota Motor said, “Our effort in carrying out this program annually shows our continuous commitment towards the importance of educating youth to take lasting and leading actions to safeguard the environment in a sustainable manner.”

He also said, “UMW Toyota Motor has taken numerous steps in our production facility to reduce the carbon footprint. Reducing carbon emissions is critical step in mitigating global warming. What the participants learn from this program will be useful in their future, as decision makers.”

YBhg. Dato` Dr. Mohd Gazali Bin Abas, Secretary General, Ministry Of Education who attended the event also amplify Toyota’s view. “We always believe that educating students from young is crucial. The Education Ministry has put in place many curriculum and policies that gives emphasis to developing well balanced individuals who are knowledgeable, ethical, skillful and responsible that aims to impart higher thinking skills rather than rote learning.”

He also mentioned that the TEY program is also in line with the Ministry’s aspirations and the students’ involvement in the project will create not only awareness, but also facilitates hands-on approach to Toyota’s problem solving techniques.

The program is open to all schools in Malaysia including private and International institutions.

Twelve schools were selected based on video submissions on environmental preservation. The students from these schools will undergo 3 days of workshop sessions, learning the techniques of Toyota Problem Solving Methodology, which is world renown. The program aims to instill life skill to students that would be valuable and beneficial throughout their life.

Each of the school teams will be given 3 months to complete their environment initiative and project proposal with a budget of RM 2,000 to kick start their projects.

The projects will be monitored and evaluated continuously by a dedicated UMW Toyota sustainability team, which will decide the final winners at the end of the program in November 2019.

The winning teams will take away attractive cash prizes:

1st prize is offered at RM 10,000 in cash, followed by RM7,000 for 2nd placing, RM4,000 for third and RM2,000 for the fourth and consolation price at RM1000. Other prizes of cash RM500 each are offered to best video presentation and best-supporting teacher.

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