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UMW Toyota Apologises After Dealer Hangs Malaysian Flag Upside Down

A couple of days ago, images of a Jalur Gemilang flags being flown upside down surfaced on social media. The flags were flown outside an Authorised UMW Toyota Dealer, and according to an official statement from the company, it was a complete mistake.

In fact, they went on to thank the netizens who spotted and notified them of the mistake. Stern action has been taken to prevent such an incident from occurring again.

These kinds of careless mistakes do tend to happen from time to time. It’s admirable when the principal takes responsibility for the actions of their dealers. Not every car brand has that kind of self-confidence.

Here’s their apology in full:

Press Release

UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT) today expressed their deep regret for the incident occurring at its Authorised Dealer, whereby Malaysian Flags were hung up-side down.

The company acknowledged that the matter was brought to its attention by concerned Netizens who took to Social Media to duly inform the organisation. The company also stressed that such matters are treated very seriously and it had no intention to disrespect the country; as it was a genuine and unfortunate mistake. The Dealership has also since taken immediate corrective action by removing the flags and stern action has been taken to ensure such matters do not recur in the future.

“We really appreciate our fellow Malaysians and netizens who spotted this mistake and for notifying us. We have since corrected it and taken measures to ensure that such incidences are not repeated in the future. We deeply regret and apologise for what had happened. As Malaysians we have great respect and love for our country,” said Mr. Ravindran K. President of UMW Toyota Motor.

It is not easy for the corporate headquarters to check on what dealers do on a daily basis.

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5 Responses to UMW Toyota Apologises After Dealer Hangs Malaysian Flag Upside Down

  1. Fadzli says:

    Get the dealer to apologise publicly on their stupidity if the dealer really have mo other intention.

  2. Raj says:

    So none of the toyota staff or president noticed the mistake? Its shame as outsiders have to notify them.

  3. Sehasta says:

    What stern action taken may we know… Genuine mistake my foot..

  4. Zul says:

    For the past few years people, l’m not sure whether intentionally or accidentally make mistakes, then simply say sorry & expressed their regret..

    • Daniel Sherman Fernandez says:

      Hi Zul, I believe that ‘sometimes’ this happens because Malaysians will ask their foreign workers to hang up the flag…..and they really do not think which way is the right side up when hanging the flag and no one checks after that.

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