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Published on September 26th, 2019 | by Subhash Nair


2019 Proton Exora Versus 2015-era Exora Bold

Today we’re comparing the 2019 Proton Exora to what appears to be the 2015-era Exora Bold Minor Change 2 (MC2). There are many other Exora models that would be interesting to compare this new one against, but the Exora Bold MC2 was chosen because

A) it was the Exora that was on sale when I first started writing for
B) it was the only Exora I got to drive before the 2019 model

But if you have photos of other models of the Exora you’d like to send to me, please forward them to [email protected].

Let’s begin.

Visual Comparison Proton Exora Front

At the front, the Exora has quite a few more ‘darkened’ elements. Painted bumper trim pieces, a new grille with the 2016-era Proton logo and headlights with black inserts and dark tinting – these were all introduced in the 2017 facelift of the Exora. The black roof in the new model was also introduced in that refresh, but what’s really new here is the absence of the bee sting antenna.

Visual Comparison Proton Exora Exterior rear

Similar changes can be found on the rear. Generally, most of the plastic and sheet metal remains unchanged, but there are darker elements. The bumper garnish is now painted black and there’s a plastic element on the boot hatch that’s finished in glossy piano black, likely a new material rather than a mere paint job. Again, these were all introduced in the 2017 facelift. What’s REALLY new for 2019 is just the sharkfin antenna at the rear of the Exora’s roof.

Visual Comparison Proton Exora Exterior side profile

From the side, the black under cladding and two-tone alloy rims are the most apparent changes. While the 2017 facelift did introduce both of these, the 2019 Exora brought one major change: the deletion of the plastic cladding found on the doors. You might also spot the keyless entry button on the driver door (top image has been flipped).

Visual Comparison Proton Exora Exterior rims

A closer look at the two-tone wheels on the 2019 Exora, first seen on the 2017 facelift.

Visual Comparison Proton Exora Interior dashboard

The dashboard is now a little cleaner, with the omission of the Wood/marble trim inlays, reduction in silver trim elements and a retextured centre stack (2017 update brought textured plastic). The steering wheel features a glossy 3D version of the pre-2016 Proton logo. Most of these changes were introduced in the 2017 facelift, but the new infotainment unit, instrument cluster, air cond, redesigned centre stack in piano black were only just introduced in 2019. The gear selector base has also been redesigned for 2019.

Visual Comparison Proton Exora Interior gear selector

A closer Look at those lower elements shows the gear selector base with with ‘R’ in white instead of red. The hazard light switch is also no longer finished in red. The air cond temperature buttons ommit the blue for a monotone look. The LED indicator for the air cond compressor has been switched from blue to amber. The S.A.T “stepped auto transmission’ button has been removed. It was still present after the 2017 facelift.

Visual Comparison Proton Exora Infotainment

More important changes are found a little North. The Exora now features a Geely-sourced infotainment unit and “P R O T O N” emblazoned below the touchscreen.

Visual Comparison Proton Exora Interior seat material

Look a little lower and you’ll notice the seats are now finished half in leather, half in fabric. The shape of the seats have been improved for better bolstering too. These were brought in in 2019, as the 2017 facelift still featured the all-leather look.

Visual Comparison Proton Exora Interior trim

The snazzy new fabric-leather combination is mirrored on the door cards, as seen here. Great to see attention to details here.

Other visual improvements to the Exora, like the new instrument cluster (shared with the 2019 Iriz, Persona and Saga) and some new USB ports at the front are present too.

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