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Maserati to Return to Racing with MC20

It’s no secret that Maserati is developing its next super sports car and now the luxury automaker has confirmed that the car will be called the MC20, which stands for ‘Maserati Corse 2020’.

Set to be unveiled at the end of May, the MC20 marks a new era for Maserati and also its return to racing after 10 years of absence.

The MC12

This comes as no surprise as the new model is said to be “the natural evolution” of the MC12, which won 22 races and 14 championship titles in just five years.

Other details are yet to be divulged but we know the car will be built in Modena and will feature an electric powertrain.

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Here’s the press release with more:

Press Release

The eagerly-anticipated Maserati super sports car will be named MC20.

The car was developed at the Maserati Innovation Lab, will be built at the historical plant in Viale Ciro Menotti and will have its worldwide debut at the end of May in Modena.

MC20 underlines the sporting credentials of the new model: MC is the acronym of Maserati Corse and 20 refers to 2020, the year which marks the start of a new phase in Maserati’s history.

The first racing car to wear the Trident logo was the Tipo 26, where the number indicated the year of manufacture, and in the same way, the MC20 will be the first car born in the new Era of the Modena firm.

Maserati will return to the world of racing with the new MC20.

The model will be built at the Modena Plant where modernization works are already in progress on the production line, which will also accommodate its advanced electric powertrain.

At the same time, to further complete the production areas at the Viale Ciro Menotti Plant,work has already started on a paint shop, a completely new feature for the facility, which will be equipped with advanced innovative low environmental-impact technologies.

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