Used Cars 2008 Suzuki Vitara SUV used buy review

Published on March 29th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Suzuki Vitara 4 door used buy review

This could be the SUV you are looking for after the Covid-19 Lockdown.

With many uncertainties with the economy, it would probably be better for you to look at a sensible USED SUV to buy instead of a brand new SUV. This is what we are offering this interesting possibility for your attention.

The recent news about the re-emergence of the Suzuki brand in Malaysia has Suzuki enthusiasts and some others happy with the prospects of their current Suzuki’s retaining some form of resale value and the opportunity to size up to a newer model. 


Traditionally Suzuki in Malaysia was known for its go just about anywhere Jimny Jeep which today has stopped depreciating in the used car market since the late 1990’s. Today, the average SJ410 owner and many others are waiting for the arrival of the new Jimny 4×4. But its possible selling price is going to be past RM120,000 (some used car importers have brought a few units in recently and have managed to sell them for between RM168,000 and RM198,000) which makes it too expensive when compared to segment rivals. Yes, it comes with a rugged iconic look, but RM120k plus for a compact SUV? We think not.

2008 Suzuki Vitara SUV used buy review
2008 Suzuki Vitara SUV used buy review
2008 Suzuki Vitara SUV used buy review
2008 Suzuki Vitara SUV used buy review

So, we decided to look at a forgotten Suzuki 4×4, the second generation 2005 to 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara. This little urban 4WD sold in large numbers due to its popular looks and its ability to take on some light dirt tracks. We found the Vitara when new to be a great value with standard features such as power steering, rear wheel disc brakes, rear locking spare tire case, power windows and locks. It is one of the more popular well built and well equipped urban four wheelers we have looked at in the used car lot today. 

The Suzuki Vitara four-door 4WD is good-looking with its flared fenders, body color mirrors, black bodyside and large side glass. The rear cargo compartment is accessed by a full-length door opening that carries the securely mounted spare tire on the outside.

The 2005-2011 Vitara is tough and handsome. A key difference with this Suzuki Vitara is the adoption of a monocoque chassis design, whereas the previous version and several other rival SUVs use a simpler ladder-frame chassis. As well as improving body rigidity it has benefits for ride and handling and noise insulation, improving refinement and comfort for passengers.

2008 Suzuki Vitara SUV used buy review

You get keyless ignition, front twin airbags, ABS brakes and simple reliable 4-speed auto gearbox.  Inside you will get a multi-function steering wheel and front buckets seats as standard. The rear seat is the popular 60/40 split-back bench for seating a passenger or two and accommodating long cargo. There are handgrips above all the door openings but the driver’s door. Visibility all round is good and you will have little issue in traffic jams. All gauges and controls are well-placed, lighted and easy to operate.  

On the road the Vitara handles like a well defined sedan. The 138bhp 2-liter engine is a hard working unit and maintenance parts are not an issue. On the open highway, the 182Nm of torque can be enjoyed even with a full load of passengers and luggage. 

This is due to solid engineering. However, it must be noted that this four-door Vitara is a small light-duty 4WD recreational vehicle that more likely will be used for casual off-roading but is more at ease just doing everyday city driving. It is not a true off roader for the beaten track like its Jimny sibling.

2008 Suzuki Vitara SUV used buy review

There are quite a few units of this urban 4×4 on sale as Malaysians do not appreciate its evergreen styling and simple, strong, reliable engineering. The 4-door model is easier to sell as the 2-door version is not a favorite, like its main rival the 2 door Toyota RAV 4. Probably because, they are just too small and cramped and is valued as much as their 4-door siblings. 

A well looked after urban used 2008 4-door automatic unit with service history could be yours for between RM16,000 – RM21,000. Before purchase make sure that the service history is checked to see if all consumables have been changed when required using genuine parts and have a look underneath for off road damage. Suzuki parts have been known to be slightly more expensive over other Japanese’s manufacturer’s parts. This might have been due to its lower selling volume. Generally, about 90% of the Vitara’s on sale have never been off-road and have been pure city family vehicles. 

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