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Daihatsu and Toyota Suspend Some Japanese Factory Operations

In light of the growing coronavirus pandemic in Japan, Toyota and Daihatsu will be temporarily suspending some production lines.

This MAY affect supply chains for companies who rely on parts from the two brands. One of the models listed was the Daihatsu Rocky/Toyota Raize, which we know will be coming to Malaysia as Perodua’s D55L SUV.

The closure of the particular factory where this vehicle is made started on the 13th of April and has been extended until the 24th of April. Given that Perodua hasn’t even launched that new car and won’t be resuming operations of their own until the MCO is lifted, we don’t think this will be a huge deal. Most of their parts are sourced locally.

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For specifics, please refer to the press releases issued by both companies below.


Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. will temporarily suspend production at the following vehicle production line, as it is expected to affect the delivery of some overseas procurement parts and the situation of vehicle demands due to the global spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Other plants and date will be operated, however, production will be adjusted based on the situation of parts procurement from overseas and vehicle demand.


About extending the suspension of operations to certain production lines (April 20)

We have decided to extend the period of suspension of operations by 4 days (4/23-4/28) from the time previously announced on April 15 for both the Takaoka Plant, production #2, and Toyota Industries Corp, lines 301 and 302. The end result will be a suspension for both plants for a total of 7 working days. (4/20-28)

Adjustments to Domestic Production (as of April 15)

Due to the effects of COVID-19 on the current market and the decline in demand of new vehicles globally, Toyota intends to make gradual adjustments in production operations at all plants for completed vehicles in Japan, starting from May 1.

Specifically, we have decided to halt production for two days, on May 1 and 11, and plan to reflect the operation days on alternative dates. Additionally, we plan to add non-operating days as well as reducing operation time from double shifts to a single shift from May 12 for some of the plants and production lines producing vehicles for overseas markets.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our suppliers and people in those regions.

Please refer to the below for more details.

Production suspension for nine production lines at five plants (Among a total of 28 production lines at 15 plants)

  • Tsutsumi Plant, production lines #1 and #24 operating days from May 12 (Tue) to 15 (Fri)
  • Tahara Plant, production line #15 operating days from May 12 (Tue) to 18 (Mon)
  • Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc. (TMEJ), production lines F201 and F301 at Higashi-Fuji Plant1 operating day on May 12 (Tue)
  • Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc. (TMEJ), production line #1 at Iwate Plant2 operating days for May 12 (Tue) and 13 (Wed)
  • Hino, Hamura Plant, production line #14 operating days from May 12 (Tue) to 15 (Fri)
  • Hino, Hamura Plant, production lines #2 and #41 operating day on May 12 (Tue)

Reduction of operation to a single shift in four production lines at three plants

  • Tahara Plant, production lines #1 and #3Operation with a single shift from May to June (Employees to continue working double shifts)
  • Hino, Hamura Plant, production line #1Operation with a single shift from May to June (No second shift)
  • Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd., production line #2Operation with a single shift from May to June (No second shift)

In addition, since we anticipate that the delivery of some parts from overseas will be affected due to COVID-19, we will halt production for three operating days between April 20 (Mon) and 22 (Wed) for Takaoka Plant production line #2 and Toyota Industries Corporation production lines #301 and #302.

Note that operation plans may change in accordance with changes in demand and the situation of parts delivery, going forward.

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