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Geely’s New Sneak Peek Video of Haoyue Shows Just How Roomy It Is

A new sneak peek video of the upcoming Geely Hao Yue SUV was just released today on the Geely Worldwide Youtube Channel. The video seems to contain a mixture of drone and gimbal-stabilised footage, but no additional information on the Haoyue was shared. We couldn’t find any accompanying press release on their global media centre website either.

The description of the video reads as follow:

“Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage taken pre-market release of Geely Auto’s new SUV, the Hao Yue, taken at the companies headquarters.”

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There’s really nothing here we haven’t already seen before, but it is one of the few official videos of the Haoyue, so it’s worth taking a closer look at. Here’s another video that isn’t posted on Geely’s channel, but looks to be produced for Geely:

Back to the ‘Behind-the-scenes’ video. The initial shots are sped up drone footage of the Haoyue’s exterior. Because of the high frame rate and lighting, the motion looks almost 3D animated, but in fact is real life footage.

We see the Haoyue in its grey-blue hero colour, missing a number plate on what appears to be a private road within a Geely Auto facility. There are some other cars, like Volvo XC40s parked in the background.

The Haoyue, also called the VX11, is seen specced to the brim with a panoramic sunroof in the top down shots.

Our first look of the Haoyue’s interior in this video shows part of its digital instrument cluster lit up showing that 2 doors and the trunk are open. The 12.3″ infotainment screen is not turned on. The shot pans towards the passenger side of the cabin.

There’s some symmetry to the cabin design. The centre console looks like it could survive a right-hand drive conversion intact, which would ease some of the work involved. Maybe Proton will be used for this work.

We also get a glimpse of the middle row of seats in this shot. The Haoyue is wide enough for 3 individual seats in the middle, rather than the usual compromised middle row. All three seats here appear to be identical in design, but the middle row might be just a tad narrowed upon initial inspection.

We tend move to a shot of the power tailgate lifting up to reveal both the 2nd and 3rd row of seats folded flat. This exposes a large, cavernous luggage area.

The camera then goes into this car to show the rear air cond vents. A little odd that such a large SUV has only 2 air vents at the rear. Premium models from Geely Group like the XC60 and XC90 have at least 4 vents at the rear. Two additional vents can usually be found on the B-pillars.

That’s about it, really. No new information was revealed, but let us know if you spotted something we missed in this video.

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