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How Much Would You Pay for a Honda S660 with MUGEN Parts?

Back in 2017, Honda Malaysia actually gave us a chance to try out the tiny, but exciting S660 in Japan. Our drive was short but memorable, and we ended up feeling like the car may have even sold in small quantities should it have been brought in under RM150,000. Sadly, for whatever reason, the car was just not brought in at all, most likely because it would have been taxed to a ridiculously high price.

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Yet, once in a while we still see the odd Honda S660 being driven around the Klang Valley, most likely purchased through a parallel importer.

And now the S660 has some very special MUGEN parts to go with it. Which begs the question, how much would Malaysians be prepared to pay for a small, but fun Honda with specialised parts from M-TEC Co?

The parts that have been developed for the S660 include:

  • more aerodynamic bumpers,
  • newly designed forged aluminum wheel
  • performance dampers

Other parts that will be added to the list for the S660 in the near future include:

  • carbon front sports grilles, rear wings, aero bonnets, engine hoods, sports silencers, semi bucket seats

Here’s the press release translated from Japanese.

PRESS RELEASE (Translated)

MUGEN (M-TEC Co., Ltd.) (hereafter MUGEN) announced the newly developed MUGEN parts for the “S660” currently on sale from Honda Motor Co., Ltd. It will be on sale from Honda Cars and Mugen Parts Dealers.

MUGEN announced the newly developed MUGEN parts for S660 and will release them sequentially from August 28 (Friday) at Honda Cars and MUGEN parts dealers nationwide.

Infinite parts for S660 are lined up with the concept of “SUPER LITTLE SPORTS” to maximize the attractiveness of open sports, and have been very well received since their launch in 2015.

The concept model “MUGEN S660 Concept” exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon held in January 2020 was proposed as a new proposal for S660 customization, while following the concept, aiming at further improvement of styling and functionality, at the circuit. Was repeatedly developed and commercialized.

This time, the newly set infinite parts for S660 include bumper type aero parts, newly designed forged aluminum wheel “FR8” based on strength analysis, performance damper 🄬 etc. that dampen vehicle vibration and improve running stability 🄬 We have a lineup centering on parts that expand the fun of. We are also continuing to develop carbon front sports grilles, rear wings, aero bonnets, engine hoods, sports silencers, semi bucket seats, etc. These parts are planned to be added to the lineup by the end of 2020.

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