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Brembo’s New Brake Disks Have a Mirror-Finish

Brembo have a new product on the market called ‘Greentive’. It’s a brake disk which comes with an interesting mirror-finish coating using High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel technology.

Greentive brakes are called that for a reason. They’re ‘Distinctive’ for that mirror finish look, but also ‘Green’ because that finish produces less brake dust. You’ll remember that earlier this year, a study found that brake and tyre pollution could be more harmful to the environment than tailpipe emissions themselves. A nice little benefit for owners is that rims will get less dirty too, thanks to the reduction in brake dust.

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These new brakes are meant for electric vehicles, that use regenerative braking extensively. Greentive brakes are more corrosion resistant and the Brembo logo on the brake ring logo is used to indicate when a replacement is needed.

Here’s the press release with more.


A technological solution that reduces the brake dust emissions, thanks to an innovative coating.

Brembo presents Greentive®, the new brake disc which features a new layer of coating applied to its ring, using High-Velocity-Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) technology.

Decades of experience in the field of braking system has allowed Brembo to introduce a new disc with high technological characteristics. Designed especially to meet the demands of premium and luxury cars, the new disc is at the forefront of the latest automotive trends.

The name Greentive® is a fusion of the words “GREEN” and “DISTINCTIVE”, with the former emphasising the disc’s environmentally friendly features and the latter highlighting its elegance and recognisability.

Thanks to its braking surface, Greentive® ensures very low wear, significantly extending the disc life cycle. A reduction of brake dust contributes to a decrease in brake emissions as well as cleaner rims.

Moreover, the coating offers a high level of corrosion resistance, a feature particularly appreciated in the new generation of electric cars, where the braking system is used differently.

In regard to style, Greentive® stands out thanks to a mirroring effect that exudes elegance and personality. This is further emphasised by the Brembo logo featured on the brake ring surface, which not only enhances its Brembo identity but also signals when the disc needs to be replaced.

Greentive® embodies the most advanced technological solutions in terms of sustainability, while also providing consistently high levels of performance and a special attention to style.

The new coating technology can be applicable on the brake ring of all Brembo disc concepts: solid, Lightweight, Dual Cast and two-piece floating discs.

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