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Qoros Milestone Concept Takes Boxiness to a New Level

Qoros is one of the few Chinese car manufacturers that really struggled in the last few years but seems to be making a comeback since being bought up by Baoneng Group. Earlier this month at the 2020 Beijing Autoshow, they showed off the future of their products with the Quros Milestone concept car.

This new concept debuted what they call ‘Cubic Aesthetics’, which is the name of their design philosophy. It’s inspired by Qoros’ studies in digital, gaming, and fashion and with this new philosophy they aim to create cars that really appeal to Generation Z.

Here are some photos of the Milestone concept, or have a gander at the press release below if you want to try and decipher what they’re on about.

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The debut of the Qoros Milestone concept car at 2020 Beijing Autoshow shows the design language and future design trend of Qoros Cubic Aesthetics.

With Cubic Aesthetics as the design core, Qoros Milestone concept car has previewed the design language of the Qoros brand. It is realized by the prospective design method of code nature. The source of inspiration is from emerging trends that Qoros car has gained insight into in the areas of digital, gaming and fashion areas.

The coding species is designed by cubic pixels as its starting point, forming a rectangular boundary by stretching it horizontally and lighting the front and rear corners. The middle part of the car body adopts the extremely simple streamline design method with smooth geometric surface as the core element. The combination of above two parts presents a strong visual contrast, which could shows the evolution of Qoros brand’s understanding of automobile design from the traditional sculpture modeling thinking to the future digital perception experience.

The core of the new design language strategy is oriented toward young people from Generation Z, combining e-games, two-dimensional, immersive experiences with elements of fashion sports to create a digital concept car with a strong personality.

The Cubic Aesthetics design of the concept car is presented by the form of lamp sign for the first time. The four corner day running lamp adopts a right angled viewfinder design with sharp edges and corners. The laser engraved transparent lamp body will play the visual effect to the extreme, it will have the feeling of character selection in the game after starting up in cockpit with very recognizable and ritual sense.

Qoros Milestone concept car is a four door sedan with the body size of 5000 / 2000 / 1400mm. It adopts the design of sliding door without B-pillar. Potentially manipulative induction doorknobs, the rectangular design of the double frame buckles and exclusive LOGO design style are totally same with each other coincidently. The exterior color is paired with a highly customized space silver and carbon crystal black which shows the sense of speed and futurity of the hard core.

As a highlight in detail of hard core design, the wheel hub has a sharp collision with the minimalist body shape due to its exquisite mechanical structure. Meanwhile, drawing on the aerodynamic principle of the Le Mans Rally, it complements the performance of running attitude, low wind resistance, strong power and high battery life with a great sense of speed. The exterior color is paired with space silver and mysterious black which brings the feeling of sports texture in hard core and futurism.

The cockpit design demonstrates the immersive interactive experience which will bring a sense of fuzzy boundary between reality and virtual for the people inside it. The IP Central system uses a full-size bare-eye 3D projection technology to maximize the pure digital experience with gesture recognition. Meanwhile, the IP of the driver’s seat and co-driver’s seat can slide independently to meet different interaction requirements when in the driving mode.

The front seats can slide back freely and fit with the rear seats perfectly. The holographic projection of the front window will be opened simultaneously that instantly transforming the interior space of the Qoros Milstone concept into a spacious and cool movie-watching cockpit. The interactive controller on the steering wheel is like a game handle which can be easily removed to meet long-distance handle requirements.

The cockpit is based on black-grey cool colors which cooperated with high-definition touched control blue fabrics and Alcantara to create a light touch feeling. This makes the light and shadow in shaping the structure at the same time, but also the interpretation of the spatial sense of color. The science-fiction blue design and interactive experience of the locomotive is encountered perfectly for guiding the rider through the immersive gaming experience of Generation Z.

In terms of engine system, the Qoros Milestone concept car is driven by the extended-range powertrains from Qoros automobile. The leading high-performance motor and batteries guarantees an excellent performance in highly mileage.

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