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Volvo Car Malaysia Spreads Pet Safety Awareness

When it comes to road safety, few brands have made it as central to their brand identity as Volvo Car. They won’t stop reminding everyone about the fact that they invented the seatbelt in 1959 and made it available to all license-free. And maybe they deserve that bragging right.

Volvo Seat Belt

But earlier this week, Volvo Car Malaysia went on their facebook page to also remind the nation that pet safety in vehicles was also important.

Their post is as follows:

And you know what? They’re absolutely right! Inertia works the same on pets as it does on humans and heavy objects. If we’re prepared to give car users flak for letting their children sit in cars without seatbelts, shouldn’t we also feel uneasy about dogs in cars?

The norm for dog owners in Malaysia (at least those who allow their pets to travel in their vehicles with them) is for their dogs to sit with their heads sticking out the window. Now, this isn’t against the law, but in theory it can be very dangerous for the dog and occupants in the event of an accident.

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So, what can you do to keep your pets safe? Well, if you’re driving a nice new Volvo, they’ll gladly sell you one of these pet harnesses priced between RM725 and RM764 depending on how big your dog is.

We couldn’t find the dog gate they mentioned on their facebook page on the local Volvo Car website. However, it was listed on the global accessory microsite.

On various online shopping platforms, pet seat belts can be found for much less, but of course these are often generic devises without certification.

What do you think? If you’re someone who regularly brings your dog or cat around in your vehicle, would you consider outfitting it with a devise to keep your furry friend safe?

About Volvo’s Dog Harness

Comfortable dog harness that is attached directly to the car seat belt by quick link. The padded and comfortable harness keeps the dog still in the rear seat.

A loose dog in the car is a danger in the event of heavy braking, both for passengers and other road users. For this reason, a dog cage should be used in the cargo area. If this is not possible, then this dog harness is a good alternative for use in the rear seat.

The harness is easy to use and easy to detach from the seat belt. The flexible design makes the harness practical and useful even outside the car, for example as a walking, tracking or pulling harness.

Facts and advantages

  • Prevents the dog from moving between car seats.
  • Reduces the risk of the dog being propelled forward in the event of heavy braking.
  • Easy to install.
  • Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.
  • Flexible and easy to use.
  • Padding prevents pressure and chafing.
  • Equipped with reflectors.

Technical data

Washable:Hand wash
Accessory weight:0.4 kg/0.9 lbs (S)
0.7 kg/1.5 lbs (M)
0.7 kg/1.5 lbs (L)
0.7 kg/1.5 lbs (XL)

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