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Published on February 15th, 2021 | by Amirul Mukminin


Audi R8 Loses Wheel After Crashing Into Guardrail

Another day, another supercar crash – this time it’s an Audi R8

Taming a supercar requires a lot of skill and experience. Just think about it, with an excess of 500 hp at one’s disposal, all it takes is a moment of slight misjudgement or an inflated ego and one could end up in a predicament like the owner of this yellow Audi R8.


Looking at the pictures that are currently making rounds on social media, no other vehicles appear to have been involved in this accident. The cause is also unknown at the time of writing but judging by the skid marks left visible in one of the pictures, it is very likely that the driver of this German supercar lost control of his vehicle.

While the front end of the R8 appears to be unscathed, its entire left side sustained heavy damage as a result of being slammed into the guardrail. Although the guardrail looks as if it had not been touched by anything, the impact was strong enough to trigger the curtain airbag. Not only that, the left rear wheel as well the entire hub and brake was detached from the car.

Meanwhile, the rear bumper of the car has been almost completely torn off from its body, although we’re not sure as to how it happened. Elsewhere, given the circumstances, the R8 seems to be in decent condition. Apart from a blow to the ego and (maybe) some bruises here and there, the owner should be happy that his/her supercar is salvageable.

We can’t stress this enough but supercars like the R8 are not to be underestimated. You may be one of the few lucky ones to be able to own an exotic piece of machinery with a mid-mounted V10 but before you fire up the engine, ask yourself this: do I have what it takes to control this car? If the answer is ‘no’, just take it easy and try to get the hang of the raw power by caressing the throttle. Also, stop treating the public roads as your racing circuits.

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