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Published on February 19th, 2021 | by Subhash Nair


Easyrain: The End of Aquaplaning In Future Audis

Aquaplaning causes quite a number of accidents, this new Easyrain solution should reduce that number.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term aquaplaning, just think back to the last time you drove in very heavy rain. When enough rainwater gets between your tyre and the road, you lose traction on that tyre and get that weird sensation as if your tyres are spinning faster than they should for a split second. This phenomenon can be extremely dangerous and causes tens of thousands of car crashes every year.

Audi is solving this issue by “leaping forward with technology”, in line with their company motto. They’ve developed a system called Easyrain along with Bosch and Italdesign. The system has been in development and testing over the last few years and has now successfully been deployed on a production car during a track session.

How does it ‘solve’ aquaplaning?

Strangely enough, the way Easyrain solves aquaplaning is by spraying a controlled jet of water at the front tyres. What this does is break apart the layer of water that has accumulated from the tyre’s previous revolution. Instead of adding to the volume of water by bringing it back down to the contact patch, Easyrain breaks this excessive layer of water apart.

The system uses additional sensors and software to work out when it needs to be deployed. It will probably need to be topped up with water periodically as well, but this should be simple enough to do once it’s integrated into an actual series production vehicle.

Audi Easyrain anti aquaplaning cutaway

In the mean time, if you’re wondering how you can better protect yourself from aquaplaning, just follow a few simple tips:

  • Drive slower when the roads are wet. Your tyres will find friction better at a lower speed.
  • Avoid wet patches if safe to do so. If they’re unavoidable, drive at a consistent and low speed over them.
  • Check your tyre pressure every 2 weeks at a petrol station. Do a quick visual inspection of your tyres before setting off.
  • Monitor the tread depth of your tyres, change them when they’re below 1.6mm or when they’re worn or old. 5-6 years is a good time to start considering a change in tyres.

Here’s the Easyrain press release with more.


The Easyrain AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution) is the first system capable of effectively countering aquaplaning. A dangerous phenomenon, the cause of tens of thousands of accidents every year, all over the world.

Thanks to a controlled water jet injected ahead of the front wheels, the system is able to restore the grip of the tire and the control of the vehicle, breaking the excessive layer of water on the asphalt that the tires cannot dissipate.

AIS, characterized by a hydraulic system consisting of a pump and two foldable injectors, is activated thanks to the Easyrain DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information), the proprietary activation software. The virtual sensor recognizes the onset of aquaplaning, instantly informing the system.

The three companies keep on working on the projects, further results will be communicated in the next months.

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