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Published on May 19th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE Test Drive Impression

We test drive this Discovery to see if it is as good as a Range Rover.

You probably did not realize this, but there has been a new Land Rover Discovery in showrooms right here in Malaysia for a few months already.

Overshadowed by the sales success of its rivals from Germany, this latest Discovery was even forgotten by us until a few weeks ago when we went into the flagship showroom to test drive the latest Range Rover Evoque. 

Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_rear


Its current rivals include the BMW X7 which has just been local assembled and so its selling price from RM888,000 has moved downwards to RM673,323. Then there is the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 which is fully imported and priced at RM899,888. Between these two large luxurious SUV’s there have been enough Malaysians to keep both brand owners happy with their sales numbers.

Now with us sharing this information right here, Land Rover Malaysia will definitely get the needed attention to their latest luxury machine. First unveiled in January 2018, it arrived with a price tag of RM729,800 and with the knowledge that only a very selected group of Malaysians will want to own one. Then, in November 2020, this TD6 got a styling and equipment refresh and a revised selling price of RM760,774. 

Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_driver side
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_meridian audio
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_front seats
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_real wood
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_middle row seats
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_chassis
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_rear seats


This Discovery maintains its radical exterior design with its versatile seven-seat interior. It still measures 4,970mm long, 2,220mm wide (mirrors out) and 1,846mm tall. Its 2,923mm wheelbase provides generous cabin space, while the compact design of the advanced integral-link rear suspension system minimises body intrusion.

The second-row seats slide forwards and backwards by 160mm, allowing owners to optimize luggage space and rear legroom as required, as well as improving access to the third row.

The Discovery’s trademark stadium seating is accommodated by its distinctive stepped roof and ensures all passengers enjoy excellent forward visibility and comfort. The rearmost seats have been designed to accommodate adults, so comfort is assured in both 3rd row seats.

Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_rear seats up
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_badge
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_leather
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_road tax
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_diesel engine

Cabin Technology

This latest Discovery gets the ClearSight Ground View technology, which provides drivers with a view of the obscured ground directly beneath the front of the vehicle using the central touchscreen and a combination of forward-facing cameras. The clever feature is the realization of Land Rover’s futuristic transparent bonnet concept and supports the driver when negotiating steep off-road inclines or hidden urban obstacles. Something almost 95 percent of Malaysian owners will never tackle.

Also, the cabin now includes a faster and better-connected infotainment system which is the 11.4-inch Pivi Proinfotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity. Sound delivery comes courtesy of a class act Meridian system

There is also 7 USB charging points, a virtual instrument cluster, a powered tailgate and driver assist safety features that include blind spot assist, active cruise control, high-speed autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and rear traffic monitor.

Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_drive system
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_paddle shifter
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_ignition


From the moment you hold the ‘key’ there is a sense of occasion. As you approach this Discovery you will realize its sheer size. Tall, and wide, it is a powerful first meeting. Keyless entry as you open the door the automatic side-step slides out to allow to get up to the Discovery’s leather filled interior with ease. 

Start the 6-cylinder diesel and there is a slightly rumble coming into the well insulated cabin. You sit high, commanding and with good access to all cabin controls. It is important for buyers in tall vehicles to understand their sitting position. Use the given electric seat controls and find your best seating position. Only then will you be able to command the 600Nm of torque with joy.

Yes, this is a large yet quick SUV and the only diesel powered luxury SUV you can buy new in Malaysia. The rivals we mentioned earlier and some others only have petrol or petrol hybrid models in their showrooms.

We are still many years away from reducing out automotive carbon footprint in Malaysia, so take advantage of this 6-cylinder diesel and enjoy its torque on our many highways.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021

In the city, the other SUV’s on the road do not have this presence. Yes, its sheer size makes parking in some areas an issue as this Discovery needs a full parking spot with no other vehicle on either side encroaching into its space. Wide opening doors allows for easy exit but you need to be mindful of the powered side step when parking in tight spaces.

Rear passengers will not complain as space is great, access and exit very good and climate control and seatback entertainment is provided. 

Then there are the third row seats. With the Discovery, since the earliest version, you get two full sized seats for two adults to be comfortable and with its floor a little raised, they get a commanding view in front and at the side. 

With the powered middle row seat (yes the seats move with a simple touch of a button) you get easy access and exit unless you have been a daily Nasi Kandar consumer with no gym membership. 

It’s a class act drive in the city and on the open road and the level of refinement is almost on par with a Range Rover. Just a badge and some finer cabin details separate the siblings. 

Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_rear
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE_side
Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE-front

Land Rover Discovery TD6 Specifications

Engine: V6-cylinder DOHC Turbo Diesel

Displacement: 2993cc

Max power: 297bhp @ 4,000rpm

Max torque: 600Nm @ 1,500rpm

0-100km/h: 7.5secs

Top Speed:  209km/h

Transmission: 8-Speed Drive Select/Sport Mode

Selling Price: RM770,744.00

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