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Published on May 6th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Toyota Synergised Mobility Is More Than Just Quality Engineering

The latest marketing buzzword from UMW Toyota actually carries quite a lot of weight. 

To those who have seen a Toyota advert recently, you may have come across the term ‘Toyota Synergised Mobility’ (TSM). 

Often lumped together with phrases such as Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) and Toyota New Generation Architecture (TNGA), it is perhaps one of those marketing buzzwords that many wouldn’t have had given a second thought about after hearing about it. To those however who have taken the time to digest these words for a second longer, you might have come to ask the question as to what exactly is Toyota Synergised Mobility?

Toyota Synergised Mobility _Corolla Cross

Well to answer that question, it is worth pointing out first and foremost that Toyota Synergised Mobility isn’t exactly any one thing per se. Instead, UMW Toyota (UMWT) will tell you that TSM is a local initiative that allows ‘the brand to take on a new aspect where futuristic technologies are easily understood by the public’. 

What this therefore translates to mean in lay-man terms is Toyota Synergised Mobility essentially encompasses the latest and greatest technological innovations that the Japanese automaker offers locally, which are the Toyota New Global Architecture, Toyota Safety Sense and 360-T. 

In fact, the TSM name is quite apt for this particular application, as there is actually quite a synergy between these aforementioned distinct features, which all work in synergy to enhance the safety, comfort and performance for the vehicle.  

Take the Toyota Safety Sense for instance, this suite of active safety features that are standard in nearly every new model on sale today has been marketed to be a synergy between safety and sense. As for Toyota’s 360-T safety and connectivity kit meanwhile, it apparently represents the synergy between trust and technology, which thereby enables the driver to be ‘fully satisfied with the car’s performance and has full control over the car’. 

2021 Toyota Fortuner Facelift tail lights

Launched back in February 2021 in conjunction with the facelifted versions of the Innova and Fortuner, this new brand pillar and branding initiative of UMW Toyota rides on the high of its Toyota Gazoo Racing initiative. In regards to its future, UMWT plans for further widespread application of Toyota Synergised Mobility into more models ‘to inspire technological leadership and better future advancements in Toyota technologies’. 

“With Toyota Synergised Mobility, the public will gain greater awareness of the new and available technologies – as well as what is to come in the future. There will be even greater synergy between man and machine,” said UMW Toyota Motor deputy chairman Akio Takeyama in a statement.

“Customers will understand and embrace ‘Smart Driving’ with Toyota where they will enjoy and experience a seamless driving experience where technology is in perfect synergy – designed for and by humans,” said its president Ravindran K.

Toyota Synergised Mobility_Safety Sense

More information regarding Toyota Synergised Mobility can be found through UMW Toyota’s official website, linked here

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