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Published on June 20th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Bosch Is Making Technology And Software Available That Is “Invented For Life”

Make your life much more simple with technology and software from Bosch

Bosch is strategically expanding its business into software and digital services, aiming to generate billions in sales from these areas by the end of the decade. Dr. Stefan Hartung, Bosch’s chairman, emphasised this shift at Bosch Tech Day 2024, declaring, “For quite some time now, Bosch has also been a software company.” 

Already deeply integrated in industries like automotive, industrial production, and healthcare, Bosch software facilitates tasks ranging from alerting drivers to potential hazards to managing complex building systems and even supporting missions in space, including the ISS. 

Moreover, the company boasts 48,000 software programmers globally, with a significant portion, 42,000, focused on mobility alone. According to Hartung, software’s rise will revolutionise the automotive sector, enabling cars to seamlessly integrate with the digital world and receive updates over-the-air, prolonging their lifespan and enhancing functionality.

Since debuting their smart e-bike system in 2021, Bosch has continuously innovated, rolling out approximately 70 new features through the eBike Flow app, spanning from security enhancements to new riding modes. Bosch’s prowess in software extends beyond internal operations; it serves as a cornerstone of their business strategy, fostering innovation and collaboration across industries. 

On top of that, by leveraging their expertise in mobility, manufacturing, and building technology, Bosch positions itself as a vital partner for leading IT firms. Hartung stressed the importance of open-source software in pooling expertise and creating standardised solutions across company boundaries, emphasising the need for supportive regulatory frameworks, like the EU’s AI Act, to foster innovation responsibly.

In the automotive realm, Bosch is at the forefront of the “software-defined vehicle” trend, poised to capitalise on a market projected to reach USD462 billion (roughly RM 2 trillion) by 2030. It aims to lead by seamlessly integrating automotive electronics with cloud-based software solutions, exemplified by products like Vehicle Health and the Bosch L.OS platform for logistics.

Looking ahead, Bosch envisions a future where vehicle architecture evolves towards centralised, cross-domain systems, minimising control units and optimising performance through advanced vehicle computers. Collaborations with partners like Qualcomm underscore Bosch’s commitment to innovation in vehicle electronics, aiming for significant reductions in space, weight, and costs.


As Bosch continues to innovate and expand its software capabilities, their vision remains clear, to embed their technology into every facet of automotive and beyond, ensuring that the future of mobility and digitalization remains firmly within their grasp.

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