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9 Safe Driving Tips To Protect You And Your Family

These useful driving tips are brought to you by Allianz.

While having lesser vehicles on the road due to the current travel restrictions has lowered accidents cases, it has however not deterred road users from speeding.

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According to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), 418,237 road accidents were reported in 2020 despite the Movement Control Orders (MCO) and fewer vehicles on the road last year.

“Sometimes, seeing close to empty highways and intersections can bring about an urge to speed or break a traffic rule. One might think breaking the rule just this once won’t do any harm, but it can land you in big trouble. The probability of accidents is always present given your exposure to risks and hazards by simply being on the road,” said Damian Williams, Head of Claims of Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad.

“In fact, despite the various MCOs last year, our accident and roadside assistance service – the Allianz Road Rangers – served over 67,000 customers nationwide. So really, fewer cars on the road do not mean no accidents, and we must constantly remind ourselves to stay safe and vigilant while on the road,” added Damian.

Here are nine simple road safety tips to live by all year round.

  1. Safety first!… lock your doors and always buckle up (this goes for motorcyclists too!) And, keep your belongings safe and secure and make sure you have enough petrol in the tank.
  2. Defensive driving is REAL but also stay on the offensive. Assume that anything that can go wrong might go wrong! Assume that other drivers might not give you the right of way. Assume that someone might run a red light, follow you too closely, have faulty brake lights.
  3. Be courteous on the road. Give way to other road users, everyone from motorcyclists to cyclists, runners, and pedestrians.
  4. Absolute “no” to distractions… this includes using your mobile phone, fiddling with your vehicle’s navigation system or the digital console, or changing radio stations.
  5. Do not tailgate. Always try to leave a gap of one car between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. In case of an emergency, this will give you enough time to brake to a stop if necessary. Increase the distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you when facing bad weather, such as heavy rain or low visibility conditions.
  6. Keep to the speed limit. Do not feel pressured to speed up when faced with impatient drivers. It is your responsibility to drive at a speed that matches the surrounding conditions.
  7. Identify your blind spots. Every vehicle has blind spots. These usually involve any area that is blocked by the front and back pillars of the vehicle. Know your vehicle’s blind spots and always be extra cautious: always look into your rear-view mirror and outside mirrors when changing lanes or reversing out of a parking lot.
  8. Think, look, signal, look again. When moving off from a stationary position, making turns, changing lanes, stopping, overtaking, or making any other movement, always carry out the following routine – think, look, signal, and look again.
  9. Say no to driving in “convoys” with a friend… because tailing a friend’s car may cause you to speed, run a red light, or change lanes too quickly. If you are headed to the same location, just chose to use your navigation system instead. That way, you would both reach your destination, but without the stress and danger.
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Here are also some additional things to consider:

  • Do not overload your vehicle, either in terms of passengers or things.
  • Before driving, plan your route. Allocate sufficient time to get to your destination, do not rush.
  • Do not leave your ignition key in the car or leave it running, but idle for long periods.
  • Do not leave your children in cars alone, and always check the back seat before you enter or leave your car.
  • Park your car in a designated spot properly to not cause any obstruction or endangers other road users.

Besides that, it is also important to have the right insurance and the insurance partner! If you’re a Motor Comprehensive (Private Car) policyholder with Allianz, call the Allianz Road Rangers at 1-800-22-5542 for any accident or roadside assistance.

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