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Published on September 28th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


This Is How Toyota Approaches Electrification

Toyota Will Be The Leader Of Electric Cars, That Much Is Clear

There has been a bit of talk surrounding Toyota’s overall strategy with regards to electrification. The company was quick to deliver excellent hybrid vehicles for day-to-day use, but today, other brands have made large strides and larger promises with regards to battery electric vehicles. 

Recently, Toyota’s Chief Technology Officer and other top brass explained the company’s position on the transition towards electrification to journalists. Here’s what they shared in brief.

Toyota Hybrid Range

Toyota Balances These 5 Aspects In Battery Development

Rather than focusing on any one aspect to wow the crowd, Toyota puts an emphasis on safety when it comes to electric vehicle batteries. Besides Safety, the other four main factors in their battery development are Long Service Life, High Quality, Affordability and High Performance. It’s a challenge to find the right balance between these factors, but Toyota is figuring this out without compromising on peace of mind, which is the overall experience they want their customers to feel about Toyota’s electric vehicles.

Toyota Hybrid Battery Technology

Toyota Are Developing Batteries Specific To Each Use Case

While some companies have made commitments completely to specific battery technologies, the most sustainable and practical solution to reduce CO2 emissions differ by region. This allows them to develop solutions for all kinds of customers.

Larger commercial vehicles, for example, may be better suited to hydrogen fuel cells than lithium-ion batteries. Toyota are also pioneering several battery types. Toyota’s approach is balanced and methodical, built from decades of experience in car-building.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Toyota Is On The Way To Delivering Next Generation Solid State Batteries

Solid state batteries are a cornerstone of Toyota’s future BEV strategy. These batteries have a a high voltage and temperature tolerance and simple ion movement. This gives them higher output, longer range and a faster charge time than existing batteries. When they arrive in the middle of this decade, it will be a leapfrog event for the company. We may even see them in near-future hybrid electric vehicles made right here in Malaysia as well.

Toyota Build On Their Experience Whenever They Tread New Ground

Being the largest car brand for so long has taught Toyota many lessons over the years. They’ve survived countless recessions and have triumphed over odds that have toppled many rivals both domestic and abroad. They’ve taken those lessons to heart when developing a strategy for electrification to minimise their risks during this period of heavy investment. 

Their experience with hybrids like the Prius gives them insight into the amount and quality of testing required to deliver electrified products that retain customers. It’s also not just the new energy solutions that are being considered, but also the car production lines that must be expanded on.

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