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Published on February 14th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


When Will Tow Truck Touts Be Arrested For Causing Accidents?

Every week tow truck touts are causing accidents at the Subang Jaya Interchange.

Is this the most accident prone road in Selangor or is it where tow truck runners drizzle some fuel or oil to get the surface nice and slippery for their next ‘customer’?

Why are the authorities NOT putting a stop to this?

Tow Truck Touts Caused This Accident

As long as thirty years ago we saw a Nissan being driven at low speed lose control at this Subang Jaya housing area second entry and hit the steel barrier (before the concrete barrier, there was a regular steel barrier) and bounce back to hit another car.

Before we could even open our doors, there were two (not one) tow truck runners (touts) ‘ready’ to assist the accident car owners to get a tow to their suggested workshops and the touts were parked just before the turn-off on the little patch of grass.

Now over the years we have been seeing these ‘touts’ parked at this interchange and also at the corner of the ‘Subang Airport’ highway exit to Federal Highway.

When Will Tow Truck Touts Be Arrested

Any given day and night you see them parked and ready to ‘assist’ car drivers who lose control at each corner and this has become common knowledge with many motorists in Klang Valley (readers please share other famous accident prone areas you know about).

Some of these ‘touts’ have been spotted drizzling petrol or oil on the surface at the start of the exit and here is where cars with worn tires or just bad luck will start skidding.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

With the large number of car workshops in Subang jaya USJ1 and surrounding areas of Kampung Subang and Glenmarie this is great business opportunity for them and some car owners like this Mercedes-Benz W124 owner to pay the price of losing their treasured cars.

When Will Tow Truck Touts Be Arrested

Once an accident free modern classic like this Mercedes W124 gets into these workshops, their owners are held at ransom with high repair bills that might cost more than the car’s value (steering wheel airbag deployed and front end completely shattered).

For cars with 1st party high insurance value, the insurance company pays the price and this is why we continue to have high insurance premiums and the whole ‘black economy’ in the Malaysian workshop industry.

With older car owners, like this Mercedes-Benz W124 they might be forced to scrap their cars and this is why you always see old ‘treasured’ accident damaged cars rotting away outside workshops or even when they are fixed, the repair is never done properly which leaves the car owner ‘forced’ to sell his car cheap.

When will it come to an end? When will the authorities ‘catch these touts and put them behind bars’ to make an example of them and to stop others parked near these accident prone areas from causing these accidents?

When Will Tow Truck Touts Be Arrested

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