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Tata Curvv EV Concept Is Not At All Curvy

It will be interesting to see how many of its design cues will be carried over to the production version

Tata Motors has taken the covers off its new Tata Curvv concept vehicle, which previews an electric coupe SUV that is set to make its market debut sometime in 2024.

According to the Indian automaker, the Curvv will arrive first with an all-electric powertrain, followed by an internal combustion engine counterpart later on. The capability to offer multiple powertrains is made possible through the use of Tata’s Generation 2 EV architecture which is developed to deliver a higher range.

Technical details have yet to be revealed but Tata says the production version of the Curvv will be “a suitable fit for the fast-paced life of urban dwellers who appreciate and expect shorter charge time”, so it is probably safe to say that the EV will be more suited for short distance driving and supports fast charging.

Design-wise, the Curvv concept doesn’t exactly live up to its name because instead of curves, the exterior of the EV is dominated by sharp lines from front to back. Nevertheless, the overall shape isn’t all that bad thanks to the couple-like roofline and short overhangs. Modern touches worth noting include the slim upper DRL, triangular headlamps, full-width taillight and rear LED strip on the rear window.

Similarly, the cabin exudes a modern look with capacitive touch controls on the two-spoke steering wheel and climate control panel. There’s also a floating centre console housing a rotary dial and two free-standing displays on the dashboard. One in the centre gives access to the vehicle’s infotainment, while the other, positioned behind the steering wheel, is the digital instrument cluster.


Defining a new era of SUV design, Tata Motors today showcased its Electric SUV Concept – CURVV. Conceptualised to offer practicality and elegance, all whilst exuding dynamism and unmatched road presence, the Concept CURVV is Tata Motors’ rendition of the modern SUV typology. Expected to storm the market within the next two years, this Concept will introduce India to a unique, edgy and sporty coupe body style which in the past has only been prevalent in the high end luxury segment. The Concept CURVV in its production ready avatar will first enter the market as an extension of the company’s ever evolving Electric Vehicle (EV) portfolio which will subsequently be followed by its Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterpart.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Shailesh Chandra – Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. ecstatically said – “Our ongoing business turnaround is history in the making. From record sales to upping our market share game, the last fiscal has been nothing but magical for us. We not only emerged as the No. 1 SUV player with our array of products in our portfolio, we also continued to super charge our growth in the EV space with our highest ever annual EV sales going up by 353% vs FY21.”

“With a fantastic year gone by, it gives me immense pleasure to announce a flying start to the new year, with a brand new ‘promise’, a brand new ‘thought’ and a brand new ‘design’ – all put together in this magnificent Electric SUV Concept – CURVV. Our focus here has been to enable customers with a product option that is the perfect amalgamation of modern functionality and design. With a robust SUV DNA at its core, and a plethora of new age materials, features and interfaces, we are confident that this Coupe Concept will redefine mainstream SUV design. Furthermore, with the concept CURVV, we now enter the Generation 2 EV architecture which will further enhance the adoption of EVs in India by overcoming the current barriers. With this new architecture, we will strengthen the key pillars of Range, Performance and Technology, while retaining Safety and Reliability as hygiene offerings.”

Tata Motors has been a pioneer in the Indian SUV market, always pushing boundaries of technology and innovation while developing products for India. The Concept CURVV is here to take this legacy forward. With the design philosophy of ‘Less is More’, this Concept is a progressive and modern SUV which represents simplicity in complexity. Its striking silhouette coupled with its dynamic proportions, design differentiation and spacious interiors make for an SUV that expresses a strong character while also being effortlessly elegant.

Additionally, the Generation 2 EV architecture will be advanced, flexible and capable of offering multi-powertrain options. Products on this architecture will be crafted to deliver a higher range while retaining the credibility and reliability standards set by the Generation 1 products powered by Ziptron.

The Concept CURVV in its production version will provide customers with unprecedented versatility of use while giving rise to a new breed of vehicles in India that provides its users with a true lifestyle mobility solution to enjoy – A vehicle that is combining functional attributes without compromising its premium aesthetic. It will be a suitable fit for the fast-paced life of urban dwellers who appreciate and expect shorter charge time, interactive and intuitive interfaces, quicker response, and feature comfort not only in their everyday lives but also from their cars.

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