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Published on May 16th, 2022 | by Subhash Nair


How To Terminate Your RFID If Your Car’s Stolen Or Sold

The Touch ‘n Go RFID system presents yet another complication for vehicle owners.

Touch ‘n Go’s RFID system isn’t quite becoming the universal solution they probably imagined it would be. We warned of its many shortcomings in late 2021 only for its ‘mandatory rollout’ on the PLUS highway to utterly fail a month later. But there are other issues with the system as well. For one, each RM35 RFID tag is tied to one vehicle and one vehicle only. That presents another set of problems – some specifically for media cars and rentals, but more generally for Malaysian car owners.

Let’s say your car gets stolen, how can you prevent the car thief from deducting away from your TnG e-Wallet? Well, you can now remotely disable it on the website. This also applies to RFID tags on cars that have been sold.

Touch N Go RFID Tag launch

After you login, click on the RFID tag you wish to delete and click the ‘Actions’ button and ‘Terminate Tag’. Next, you have to tell TnG the reason why you’d like to terminate the tag even though it is your tag to terminate and not their business to know what you do with your things. The tag will be deactivated immediately once you submit your request on the portal.

If you purchased an RFID tag and want to delete it because it’s faulty, it’s worth noting that TnG are offering one free replacement tag should this be the case. So don’t terminate it if it’s faulty, just request for a new one instead.

Personally, I have my doubts that RFID will take-off the way TnG wants it to. There are still too many hurdles in the way including a lack of tech literacy amongst older vehicle users, special cases for vehicle renters, lack of laws/enforcement against toll dodgers and the general mixed reliability of RFID in general to contend with.

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