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Published on November 7th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Why Does Touch N Go Have A Monopoly On Tolls?

Surely there is a more convenient way to pay, right?

So we should all be familiar with the Touch N Go (TNG) system for toll payments by now, but did you know that PLUS introduced its own RFID system a while ago called PLUS RFID which allowed users to pay through credit/debit card making it far more convenient than any app? So where is PLUS RFID today?

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So when PLUS introduced this system, the parent company of TNG, CIMB took legal action against PLUS and eventually assimilated this system into the TNG ecosystem which later became known as TNG RFID. So why do this? Why can’t we have more convenient options to pay for tolls?

Before, we get into that, at the time that CIMB adapted RFID to the TNG ecosystem, CIMB announced that they would introduce an open-payment system which, on essence, would have given TNG RFID users the option to utilize and link other forms of payment instead of just the TNG eWallet alone.

Moreover, in December 2019, former CIMB Group CEO, Tengku Zafrul stated, “We’re extremely pleased to have been able to work with PLUS to lead this landmark initiative.”

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“The democratisation in toll payments is something we fully champion and the CIMB teams, together with the teams at our subsidiary TNG, are committed to collaborating with PLUS and, in time, other highway concessionaires to make open payments an accessible reality for all Malaysians.” He added.

So now, one may be thinking, “that sounds good, I can’t wait for highways to add open payment methods.” This is true, but that statement was made in 2019, it is now almost the end of 2022, and there is still no sign of any form of open payment for tolls in Malaysia TNG or otherwise.

So three years later and there is still not even a sign of any open payment system for RFID. This begs the question, does TNG ever plan to introduce any form of open payment systems to RFID or tolls in general? Looks like politicians are not the only ones going around spreading lies this election season.

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We got this from SoyaCincau and their full article is linked here. Thank you SoyaCincau for the information.

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