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Published on August 3rd, 2022 | by Subhash Nair


4X Proton X50 & More Up For Grabs When You Refuel With BHPetrol

BHPetrol will be holding a new Pam & Menang Lagi contest in 2022. Find out more here.

Throughout August and until the end of October 2022, the ‘Pam & Menang Lagi Di BHPetrol’ contest will be running. This is another one of BHPetrol’s contests which makes it easy to win big for all BHPetrol customers. Spend RM30 at a participating BHPetrol station for one entry into the contest, with no limit on the number of entries per customer. The RM30 can either be spent at the BHPetromart (excluding utility bill payment, reload and car wash service), or on RON95 or RON97 petrol at the station’s pumps.

Fuel Subsidy_900 Turbo at BHPetrol

Non eCard members will have to physically submit each eligible purchase receipt to enter the contest with their name, IC number and contact number. BHPetrol eCard members will be automatically entered into the contest with each eligible purchase. Becoming a BHPetrol eCard member is easy and free. It can even be done on their app available for iOS and Android. Click here to sign up.

Pam & Menang Lagi Bhpetrol Poster

There are loads of very attractive prizes to be won, including:

Grand Prize

  • 4X Proton X50 1.5T Standard

Main Prizes

  • 28X Yamaha Lagenda 115Z
  • 42X 50″ Smart TV
  • 100X Smartphones
  • 100X Smartwatches
  • 30X Ovens
  • 30X Steam Irons
  • 40X 30,000 ePoints

Weekly Prizes

  • 4849X BHPetrol Limited Edition Umbrellas

Monthly Prizes

  • 44X BHPetrol Syngard Lubricants
    • 16X Syngard 8000 ECO
    • 16X Syngard 6000 ECO
    • 12X Dash 900 4T

Check out the terms and conditions here. Here is a list of participating stations:

Participating Stations


No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Adda Heights
2.BHPetrol Air Tawar 2
3.BHPetrol Ayer Hitam
4.BHPetrol Benut
5.BHPetrol Bukit Besar
6.BHPetrol Bukit Gambir
7.BHPetrol Bukit Pasir
8.BHPetrol Desa Skudai
9.BHPetrol Endau
10.BHPetrol Felda Pemanis 1
11.BHPetrol Gemas
12.BHPetrol Jalan Bakau Chondong
13.BHPetrol Jalan Kesang Muar
14.BHPetrol Jalan Khalidi
15.BHPetrol Jalan KTJB
16.BHPetrol Jalan Larkin
17.BHPetrol Jalan Machap
18.BHPetrol Jalan Mawai
19.BHPetrol Jalan Mawai 2
20.BHPetrol Jalan Petaling
21.BHPetrol Jalan Rahmat
22.BHPetrol Jalan Rogayah
23.BHPetrol Jalan Skudai
24.BHPetrol Jalan Tampoi
25.BHPetrol Jalan Tebrau 1
26.BHPetrol Jalan Tebrau 2
27.BHPetrol Jalan Tun Teja
28.BHPetrol Kg. Rambah Kukup
29.BHPetrol Kluang
30.BHPetrol Kluang 2
31.BHPetrol Kota Tinggi
32.BHPetrol Kulai Tropika
33.BHPetrol Lebuhraya AMJ
34.BHPetrol Masai
35.BHPetrol Mersing
No.Station Name
36.BHPetrol Muar By Pass
37.BHPetrol Mutiara Rini
38.BHPetrol Parit Jawa
39.BHPetrol Parit Raja
40.BHPetrol Parit Raja 2
41.BHPetrol Parit Yaani
42.BHPetrol Pasir Gudang Highway 1
43.BHPetrol Pasir Gudang Highway 2
44.BHPetrol Pasir Gudang Highway 3
45.BHPetrol Pengerang
46.BHPetrol Permas Jaya 2
47.BHPetrol Plentong
48.BHPetrol Pontian
49.BHPetrol R&R Pagoh Selatan
50.BHPetrol R&R Pagoh Utara
51.BHPetrol Rosmerah
52.BHPetrol Segamat
53.BHPetrol Senai 2
54.BHPetrol Sg Mati
55.BHPetrol Sg Pinggan
56.BHPetrol Simpang Renggam
57.BHPetrol Simpang Renggam 2
58.BHPetrol Taman Johor Jaya
59.BHPetrol Taman Kemas
60.BHPetrol Taman Molek
61.BHPetrol Taman Mutiara
62.BHPetrol Taman Perling
63.BHPetrol Taman Rinting
64.BHPetrol Taman Sri Sulong
65.BHPetrol Taman Teratai
66.BHPetrol Tenggaroh
67.BHPetrol Ulu Choh
68.BHPetrol Ulu Tiram
69.BHPetrol Yong Peng
70.BHPetrol Yong Peng 2


No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Alor Setar (Lencongan Barat)
2.BHPetrol Bukit Kayu Hitam
3.BHPetrol Jalan Putra 2
4.BHPetrol Jitra
5.BHPetrol Kampong Pisang
6.BHPetrol Kampong Raja
7.BHPetrol Kg Gajah Mati
8.BHPetrol Kg Padang Kerasak
9.BHPetrol Kuala Nerang
10.BHPetrol Kuala Pegang
No.Station Name
11.BHPetrol Lebuhraya Sultan Abdul Halim
12.BHPetrol Padang Lengkuas
13.BHPetrol Padang Serai
14.BHPetrol Pokok Sena
15.BHPetrol Sg Petani
16.BHPetrol Sik
17.BHPetrol Taman Batik
18.BHPetrol Taman Desa Aman
19.BHPetrol Tunjang-Kubang Pasu


No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Bandar Baru Tunjung
2.BHPetrol Batu Enam
3.BHPetrol Bukit Tandak
4.BHPetrol Jeli
5.BHPetrol Kampung Telekong
6.BHPetrol Kg. Chicha
7.BHPetrol Labok
8.BHPetrol Machang
9.BHPetrol Melor
No.Station Name
10.BHPetrol Pasir Mas
11.BHPetrol Paya Bemban
12.BHPetrol Pelekbang
13.BHPetrol Peringat
14.BHPetrol Salor 1
15.BHPetrol Salor 2
16.BHPetrol Selising
17.BHPetrol Wakaf Bharu

Kuala Lumpur

No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Bandar Tun Razak
2.BHPetrol Desa Jaya
3.BHPetrol Jalan Cheras 1 & 2
4.BHPetrol Jalan Cheras 3
5.BHPetrol Jalan Genting Klang 1
6.BHPetrol Jalan Gombak
7.BHPetrol Jalan Kepong
8.BHPetrol Jalan Klang Lama 1
9.BHPetrol Jalan Klang Lama 2
10.BHPetrol Jalan Klang Lama 3
11.BHPetrol Jalan Klang Lama 4
12.BHPetrol Jalan Kuari
13.BHPetrol Jalan Kuchai Lama
14.BHPetrol Jalan Kuching
15.BHPetrol Jalan Maarof
16.BHPetrol Jalan Maharajalela
No.Station Name
17.BHPetrol Jalan Pahang
18.BHPetrol Jalan Pantai Baru
19.BHPetrol Jalan Sg Besi 2
20.BHPetrol KL-Karak Highway
21.BHPetrol KS-Rawang
22.BHPetrol MRR2
23.BHPetrol O.U.G.
24.BHPetrol Sentul Pasar
25.BHPetrol Serendah 2
26.BHPetrol Shah Alam Expressway
27.BHPetrol Taman Cheras
28.BHPetrol Taman City
29.BHPetrol Taman Connaught
30.BHPetrol Taman Ibu Kota
31.BHPetrol Taman Sri Endah
32.BHPetrol Taman Tun Dr Ismail


No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Ayer Keroh
2.BHPetrol Bachang
3.BHPetrol Bertam
4.BHPetrol Bukit Katil
5.BHPetrol Jalan Hang Tuah
No.Station Name
6.BHPetrol Jalan Panglima Awang
7.BHPetrol Lorong Pandan
8.BHPetrol Merlimau
9.BHPetrol Telok Mas

Negeri Sembilan

No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Bahau
2.BHPetrol Bandar Seri Jempol
3.BHPetrol Batu Kikir
4.BHPetrol Felda Lui Muda
5.BHPetrol Jalan Dato Muda Linggi
6.BHPetrol Jalan Melang
7.BHPetrol Jalan Pantai
8.BHPetrol Jalan PD-Seremban
9.BHPetrol Jalan Rasah
10.BHPetrol Jalan Tuanku Antah
No.Station Name
11.BHPetrol Jempol
12.BHPetrol Kuala Klawang
13.BHPetrol Lukut
14.BHPetrol Mahsan
15.BHPetrol Mahsan 2
16.BHPetrol Pasir Besar
17.BHPetrol Rantau
18.BHPetrol Sepang-Lukut
19.BHPetrol Sikamat
20.BHPetrol Tampin


No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Balok
2.BHPetrol Bandar 32
3.BHPetrol Bandar Gambang
4.BHPetrol Bera
5.BHPetrol Blue Valley
6.BHPetrol Bukit Damar
7.BHPetrol Bukit Kuantan
8.BHPetrol Bukit Mendi
9.BHPetrol Bukit Tinggi
10.BHPetrol Felda Selancar 2
11.BHPetrol Jalan Beserah
12.BHPetrol Jalan Gambang
13.BHPetrol Jalan Pahang
14.BHPetrol Jalan Sg Lembing
15.BHPetrol Jengka 3
16.BHPetrol Jengka 8
17.BHPetrol Jerantut
18.BHPetrol Karak
19.BHPetrol Karak 2
20.BHPetrol Karak KL
21.BHPetrol Kemayan
No.Station Name
22.BHPetrol Kerayong
23.BHPetrol Kerdau
24.BHPetrol Kg Sentosa
25.BHPetrol Kg Sertik
26.Bhpetrol Kuantan By-Pass
27.BHPetrol Kuantan/Segamat Highway2
28.BHPetrol Lanchang
29.BHPetrol Lepar Hilir
30.BHPetrol Mengkuang
31.BHPetrol Mentakab
32.BHPetrol Pekan
33.BHPetrol PPPTR
34.BHPetrol Raub
35.BHPetrol Raub 2
36.BHPetrol Raub 3
37.BHPetrol Sg Karang
38.BHPetrol Simpang Songsang
39.BHPetrol Teluk Chempedak
40.BHPetrol Temerloh
41.BHPetrol Triang

Pulau Pinang

No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Ayer Itam
2.BHPetrol Bukit Minyak
3.BHPetrol Bukit Tengah
4.BHPetrol Greenlane
5.BHPetrol Jalan Anson
6.BHPetrol Jalan Baru
7.BHPetrol Jalan Jelutong
No.Station Name
8.BHPetrol Jalan Kulim
9.BHPetrol Jalan Sg Rambai
10.BHPetrol Jawi
11.BHPetrol Kepala Batas
12.BHPetrol Sg Dua North Bound
13.BHPetrol Sg Dua South Bound


No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Air Kuning
2.BHPetrol Ayer Tawar
3.BHPetrol Bagan Serai
4.BHPetrol Bandar Baru Kampar
5.BHPetrol Bandar Gopeng
6.BHPetrol Bandar Seri Botani
7.BHPetrol Bandar Seri Iskandar
8.BHPetrol Batu Gajah
9.BHPetrol Bidor
10.BHPetrol Bidor Teluk Intan
11.BHPetrol Bukit Neriang
12.BHPetrol Cecil Rae Drive
13.BHPetrol Chemor
14.BHPetrol Chemor Klebang
15.BHPetrol Desa Baiduri Gerik
16.BHPetrol Felda Trolak Selatan
17.BHPetrol Gunong Besout
18.BHPetrol Hutan Melintang
19.BHPetrol Ipoh-Lumut Highway
20.BHPetrol Jalan Changkat Jong
21.BHPetrol Jalan Gopeng
22.BHPetrol Jalan Kampar
23.BHPetrol Jalan Kamunting
24.BHPetrol Jalan Kuala Kangsar
25.BHPetrol Jalan Lahat
26.BHPetrol Jalan Matang
27.BHPetrol Jalan Siputeh
28.BHPetrol Jelapang
29.BHPetrol Kampung China
No.Station Name
30.BHPetrol Kg Bagan Baru Ijok
31.BHPetrol Kg Buaya
32.BHPetrol Kg Jelutong
33.BHPetrol Kg Koh
34.BHPetrol Kg Masjid Ijok
35.BHPetrol Kg Md Shah
36.BHPetrol Kuala Kangsar
37.BHPetrol Lenggong
38.BHPetrol Lumut
39.BHPetrol Mutiara Armada
40.BHPetrol Pantai Remis Batu 13
41.BHPetrol Pantai Remis-Dinding
42.BHPetrol Parit Buntar
43.BHPetrol Rimba Panjang
44.BHPetrol Simpang
45.BHPetrol Simpang 2
46.BHPetrol Simpang Empat
47.BHPetrol Sitiawan
48.BHPetrol Sungai Bayor
49.BHPetrol Sungai Siput
50.BHPetrol Sungkai
51.BHPetrol Taman Acheh Mutiara
52.BHPetrol Taman Samudera
53.BHPetrol Taman UK Raya
54.BHPetrol Tambun
55.BHPetrol Tanjong Malim
56.BHPetrol Tapah Highway
57.BHPetrol Terminal Bas Ipoh Raya
58.BHPetrol Trong 2


No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Kubang Gajah
2.BHPetrol Ulu Pauh


No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Bandar Baru Klang
2.BHPetrol Bandar Sultan Sulaiman
3.BHPetrol Bandar Sunway
4.BHPetrol Batu Caves
5.BHPetrol Bestari Jaya
6.BHPetrol Bukit Naga
7.BHPetrol Damansara Jaya
8.BHPetrol Damansara Utama
9.BHPetrol Felda Soeharto
10.BHPetrol Hujong Permatang
11.BHPetrol Jalan 222
12.BHPetrol Jalan Batu Tiga Lama
13.BHPetrol Jalan Kapar 1
14.BHPetrol Jalan Kapar 2
15.BHPetrol Jalan Kebun
16.BHPetrol Jalan Kewajipan
17.BHPetrol Jalan Meru
18.BHPetrol Jalan Meru 2
19.BHPetrol Jalan Pelabuhan Utara
20.BHPetrol Jalan Semenyih 1
21.BHPetrol Jalan Semenyih 2
22.BHPetrol Jalan Sg Chua
23.BHPetrol Jalan Templer
24.BHPetrol Jenjarom
25.BHPetrol Jenjarom 2
26.BHPetrol Kg Baharu
27.BHPetrol Kg Sg Kayu Ara
28.BHPetrol KS-Rawang
29.BHPetrol Kuala Selangor
30.BHPetrol Lebuhraya KL-Klang
31.BHPetrol Mutiara Damansara
32.BHPetrol OBR Sg Buloh South
33.BHPetrol Pelabuhan Klang
34.BHPetrol Persiaran Raja Muda Musa
No.Station Name
35.BHPetrol Persiaran Raja Muda Musa 2
36.BHPetrol Persiaran Selangor
37.BHPetrol Persiaran Sultan Ibrahim
38.BHPetrol Persiaran Tengku Ampuan 1
39.BHPetrol Persiaran Tengku Ampuan 2
40.BHPetrol Persiaran Tengku Ampuan Rahimah 1
41.BHPetrol Puchong Jaya
42.BHPetrol Pulau Indah
43.BHPetrol Rasa Ria Saga
44.BHPetrol Rawang
45.BHPetrol S.E.A. Park
46.BHPetrol Serendah
47.BHPetrol Serendah 2
48.BHPetrol Sg Besar
49.BHPetrol Sg Besi Harmony
50.BHPetrol Sg Besi Highway
51.BHPetrol Sg Burung
52.BHPetrol Sg Haji Dorani
53.BHPetrol Sg Manggis
54.BHPetrol Sg Panjang
55.BHPetrol Sg Tengi
56.BHPetrol Sg. Buloh 2
57.BHPetrol SS2
58.BHPetrol Subang Airport
59.BHPetrol Subang Jaya
60.BHPetrol Sungai Tua
61.BHPetrol Taman Alam Megah
62.BHPetrol Taman Bukit Kuchai
63.BHPetrol Taman Kapar
64.BHPetrol Taman Kosas
65.BHPetrol Taman Muda
66.BHPetrol Taman Seri Gombak
67.BHPetrol Taman Sri Muda


No.Station Name
1.BHPetrol Batu Enam
2.BHPetrol Bukit Bading
3.BHPetrol Bukit Besi
4.BHPetrol Bukit Payong

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