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Published on August 11th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Car Lovers Get Scared At The Sight Of Grass Cutters

Grass Cutters sometimes damage our sheet metal and even worse, crack our windscreens.

For years we have cringed when we drive past a grass cutter doing their job. 

Yes, it’s hot and humid and they do not get paid a lot of money to do the job, but we very often get to our destination after passing a working grass cutter and find little ‘dings’ in our shiny well kept panels or even worse, a paint chip.

Now, we know how many Malaysian car owners take very good care of the vehicles by spending a lot of money of car coatings and regular polishing to have that magical paint finish.

However, when you get a small yet eyesore damage like a stone chip on your side panels or even worse a small dot showing bare metal on your undercoat, it is heartbreaking and a real eye sore which will cost a lot of money to fix.

Repainting a panel starts from RM300.00 (for a proper paint matching finish) to as high as RM1,500 if you happen to be driving an exotic car or have a very special paint finish.

Grass Cutters

Imagine the Rolls Royce owner or a RM1.7 million Porsche 911 GT3 owner driving along the fast lane of the Federal Highway passing one of these grass cutters along the center divider and there are pebbles going sideways.

As you drive past in moving traffic you hear a faint ‘ding’ sound (Rolls Royce cars are very well insulated) or you could be in your Mazda 3 sedan which has a premium factory Soul Red crystal paint finish and you hear the ‘thunk’ sound as a stone chips your drivers side door.

The horror that runs through your mind the whole journey as you wonder how deep or how bad the damage is. You arrive at your destination, park and see the damage.

What can you do? Can you claim? Can you get the damaged panel refinished to look like it never happened? What if it happens again the following month? This is a worrying situation for car lovers only.

So, what is the solution? Is there a better way to cut road edge grass without damaging passing or even parked cars?

Can someone out there offer a solution that can be used without incurring too much cost to the local town council or have no negative effect on the environment (the grass and ground must not be contaminated).

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