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Published on August 12th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


E-Hailing App inDriver Now Offers Six-Seater Option

This is how inDriver will solve the rising demands for high-capacity vehicles

A new six-seater added to the inDriver option list

Many Malaysians are unaware that aside from Grab, there are quite a few decent options for e-hailing services in Malaysia. Among these services is inDriver.

One thing that sets inDriver apart from the other e-hailing services is that riders can suggest their own price and choose a driver who offers a price they like. The main issue with services like inDriver is that because they are not as popular as grab, there is a lack of options in terms of vehicle types.

So aside from your regular four-seater cars, there really isn’t much other choice. This can prove to be a huge setback as people travelling in larger groups, maybe with family or friends would have to book multiple vehicles for their journeys.

Well, not anymore as inDriver has now added a new six-seater car option to their e-hailing service as a solution to the growing demand for more convenient and cost-effective mobility. This makes inDriver significantly more competitive while providing drivers the opportunity to earn more per trip so everybody wins.

Roman Ermoshin, Director of Ride-hailing for Asia Pacific at inDriver

Roman Ermoshin, Director of Ride-hailing for Asia Pacific at inDriver said, “We see a steady increase in demand for high-capacity vehicles among our users as people fully resume their daily and social activities.”

With the expansion of our ride-hailing services, we hope to provide a convenient and comfortable solution with the same affordability that inDriver is known for, while also creating more opportunity and flexibility for our drivers to earn income.” He added.

While the new six-seater option is only available in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru for now, inDriver plans to introduce it to more cities in Malaysia soon. This option will cost more than the normal four-seater options but is a cheaper alternative for large groups since they no longer need to book multiple cars for one trip.

Moreover, based on data from inDriver, there is strong demand for six-seater vehicles among families, friend groups and work colleagues for family events and social gatherings from the morning to afternoon periods as well as early evenings. These timings are consistent with most social activities.

On top of that, a six-seater option affords more comfort to people travelling to and from the airport as it offers more space for luggage.


inDriver has also been introducing updates to their app to improve user experience. The two most important updates are a chat feature to allow communication without compromising privacy and an “on-the-way” feature which helps drivers earn more by receiving ride requests as they move towards their destination.

Do you think this will help inDriver become more popular or do they need to do more? I just hope to see some diversity in the e-hailing world as only having one viable option is boring and expensive.

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