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Published on August 1st, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Hozon Neta S Launched In China From USD29,600

Finally after several facelifts, the Hozon Neta S is now on sale in China, will we ever see this car in Malaysia?

Hozon Neta S

In 2021, the concept version of the Hozon Neta S was first revealed to the world at the Shanghai Auto Show and proceeded to go through one facelift after another. Now after what felt like eternity, Hozon Auto finally launched this car from a price range of 199,880 Yuan to 338,800 Yuan, which translates to USD29,600 to USD50,300.

The Hozon Neta S is an all-electric mid-size sedan built by Hozon Auto and in China, the Neta nameplate is known as Nezha instead. The Neta S is a handsome car from every angle, featuring a split headlight design with a tail light that spans the entire length of the car and a sporty spoiler on the boot.

All this gives the Hozon Neta S a powerful stance guaranteed to attract attention wherever it goes. On top of that. The front scissor doors further add to the list of reasons to not take your eye off the car.

As far as dimensions go, the Hozon Neta S comes in with measurements of 4980/1980/1450mm and a wheelbase of 2980mm. It will also come in three beautiful colours for customers to choose from.

Hozon Neta S

For the interior of the Hozon Neta S, it is pretty much what one would expect, with a massive 17.6-inch infotainment display front and centre as well as an Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR HUD) as well as a small screen for the front passenger and fully digital instrument cluster for the driver.

The AR HUD will display things like driver-assistance info, navigation info and audio-visual entertainment. Coupled with a 21-speaker sound system and you’ve got an in car experience many can only dream of.

The Hozon Neta S comes in three variants, a rear wheel drive version with a 715km range, a four-wheel drive version with a 650km range and standard version with a range of 520km. This gives the car a maximum power of 340kW and maximum torque of 620Nm.

The four-wheel drive version can complete the century sprint in just 3.9 seconds and is the most powerful of the variants.

The Hozon Neta S is gunning for other mid-sized electric sedans like the Tesla Model 3, Leapmotor C01, XPeng P7 and BYD Seal and is expected to be delivered around the fourth quarter of the year.

Hozon Neta S

What do you think the Hozon Neta S will outsell all its competition?

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