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Toyota Veloz Malaysian Price May Have Been Leaked

We received a leaked price list for the upcoming Toyota Veloz, which is the Avanza’s replacements.

The all-new Perodua Alza has been a runaway success for the national automaker. The number of bookings that have been taken by the company is in the 5 figures and it will probably take them some time to get customers their cars given the ongoing supply shortage. Meanwhile, as most are aware, the factory at Rawang is also making some space for production of the Toyota-badged version of the new Alza known as the Veloz.

toyota veloz from the front

Earlier this week, we received a leaked document that looked very much like the price list of the new Toyota Veloz in Malaysia. If true, this could give us an indicated price for the new 7-seater compact MPV from Toyota once it’s launched.

According to this document, the all-new Toyota Veloz will only be available in one trim level and with one powertrain option, the 1.5L automatic (likely the same D-CVT as in the new Alza). The price tag is RM95,000 for private individual sales in peninsular Malaysia, including SST. Even if the Toyota Veloz ends up matching or exceeding the specifications of the top-spec Alza, that’s still a price difference of RM20,000!

This is not disimilar to the situation with the Toyota Rush and Perodua Aruz where the price difference is around RM15K between the lowest Toyota specced model and the highest Perodua specced model.

Just like the Toyota Rush and Perodua Aruz, the Toyota Veloz and Perodua Alza are very similar cars, and some may argue they are essentially the same under the skin with either Toyota or Perodua ‘seasoning’ and pricing making the majority of the difference between these two models. Both cars are essentially based on Daihatsu engineering and technology, which is shared with Toyota and Perodua as they are all on the ‘same team’ despite being very different companies.

That being said, Toyota and Perodua do have very different standards and philosophies to interior and exterior design. Some customers may be willing to spend extra for the ‘T’ badge if the interior features better materials and fit and finish. We’ll have to wait and see how the actual cars compare. Even if the Perodua Alza presents much better value for money, some may appreciate possible additions like Apple CarPlay, Toyota Vehicle Telematics and more. Others may just pay the extra cost just to cut the queue to get their hands on a new compact MPV.

While the lineage of the Perodua Alza is pretty straightforward, the ‘Veloz’ is an all-new nameplate for Toyota. While it is seen as the spiritual successor to the very popular and long-running Toyota Avanza, it’s a very different product philosophy that underpins the new Veloz.

For one, the Avanza was riding on a mixed ladder-monocoque chassis with its engine and gearbox mounted longitudinally to drive the rear-wheels. The first and second generations were largely similar, bringing upgrades in safety, a more efficient engine, and lots more equipment added over various facelifts. The Xenia builds on the Daihatsu New Global Architecture monocoque platform and the engine drives the front wheels via a D-CVT. It features lots of new technology and is larger, safer and more refined than the Avanza it replaces.

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