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Published on September 30th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


The First Radar RD6 Has Just Rolled Off The Production Line

It looks good but will Malaysia ever see a Radar RD6 in local showrooms?

Remember back when we shared the news that Geely launched their electric sub brand, Radar? Do you also remember when we shared a picture of the interior of the first vehicle that Radar would launch, the RD6 pick up truck? Well get ready to be excited again because the very first RD6 just rolled off the production line.

Radar RD6

Now while there has been no official confirmation by Geely or Proton that we would see this pick up truck as a successor to the Proton Arena and revive that nameplate, Geely has confirmed it will be sold in Markets outside of China as well as in China. However, we have yet to receive confirmation on which markets specifically

Either way, I am (once again) “fangirling” over this pick up truck and I sincerely hope Proton does bring this car in and sell it locally like they did the Proton X70 and X50, both of which are wildly successful cars but since Malaysia is painfully behind compared to most countries and regions in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, it does not seem likely for now.

Regardless, I can see the Radar RD6 being a very popular option in most, if not all, the markets it will be sold in as it has some impressive specs which were confirmed by Geely including it being roughly the same size as the Toyota Hilux (a best seller in the segment) and having a range of around 600km on top of a gorgeous interior.

Radar RD6

Moreover, the Radar RD6 is very technologically advanced and even has many lifestyle features built in so one can enjoy the full benefits of electrification even while camping in the great outdoors.

On top of that, the brand also has a lifestyle sub brand planned to go along with the pick up truck called Radar Weekends and it will engage users in outdoor activities like hiking and camping and many more fun activities so if the Radar RD6 does indeed come to Malaysia an we can integrate this, the car would almost sell itself.

Sadly, for now, this is merely wishful thinking and until and unless Geely or Proton officially announce anything related to the Radar RD6 or just the Radar brand in general, all we can do is continue to speculate, hope and dream and just pray that these cool toys touch down at home.

Radar RD6

What do you think of the Radar RD6? I am already a bit biased as I love the look of the interior so clearly I like the vehicle as a whole but I am curious to know what you guys think about it as well.

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