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Published on August 9th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


RADAR Reveals RADAR R6 Interior, Next proton Pick Up Truck?

Is Proton Reviving the Arena nameplate with the RADAR R6 or what?

RADAR R6 Interior

RADAR is an EV brand launched under Geely holding Group and recently revealed plans to release their first model, a lifestyle pick up truck named the RADAR R6. The brand has just released some never before seen pictures of the interior of this pick up truck.

As we can see, the interior of the new RADAR R6 EV pick up truck looks very modern and fits with the ‘lifestyle brand’ aesthetic that RADAR is going for since they described themselves as “China’s first pure electric outdoors lifestyle vehicle brand.”

Now, based on these pictures alone, I think this interior is next level, but what do you think? Do you like the way this interior looks? I like it and I hope that since Proton is incorporating Geely models here, if they don’t bring the RADAR R6 in as the Proton Arena, they will incorporate this interior for their cars moving forward.

RADAR R6 Interior

I love the interior of the RADAR R6, it’s minimalistic, modern and practical, however, and I am nitpicking here, if I could change anything about this interior, I would replace the lighter gray colour of the roof and A-pillars to black.

I feel like the lighter gray touches running across the dashboard, door cards, centre console, steering wheel and air conditioning vents of the RADAR R6 all add enough color and contrast to the car but what do you think? Could the interior do with more color or is it good just the way it is?

If the RADAR R6 were to be introduced here in Malaysia, I think black would be Proton’s best bet for the interior as it would be the best option for our hot weather and there would be less chance of us staining the leather seats should we be using colorful pants.

RADAR R6 Interior

The interior of the RADAR R6 features a perfectly sized flat-bottom oval shaped steering wheel along with traditional rectangular air conditioning vents in the middle above what seem like climate control switches and an Audi-like gear shifter and rotary drive mode selector in the middle and electronic parking brake centre console.

Not only does it look good, it seems rather spacious, the BMW like split armrest also adds a premium touch to it. My main concern for the RADAR R6 is that if were to be sold in Malaysia as the Proton Arena, this interior might drive up the price due to how different and premium it looks from other Proton models.

Not to mention the fully digital driver display and infotainment screen which elevate the modern look of the RADAR R6 interior so much.

RADAR R6 Interior

Will this pick up truck be the new Proton Arena, will we see this kind of interior in any car in Malaysia or will Proton Simply be the distributor of the RADAR brand and the RADAR R6 in Malaysia? Only time will tell.

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