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Published on September 6th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


This Is Why The 2022 Givi M35.0 Scudo Is Perfect For Riding And Touring

A helmet is essential for many reasons, so why not choose the best one?

Givi M35.0 Scudo

We all know why one should wear a helmet when riding, safety first and all that. However, there are more reasons for that than and it comes down to factors like comfort, unique road conditions and even hygiene reasons. So, let’s take a look at the 2022 Givi M35.0 Scudo and why it is the perfect helmet for riding.

So the first and simplest reason the 2022 Givi M35.0 Scudo is perfect to me is that it is one of the first helmets in Malaysia to receive a Homologation ECE R22.06 certification, which is the benchmark for helmet safety.

On top of that, it also is constructed from a hard outer shell and comes in 2 designs in a few different sizes but is lined with expanded polystyrene (EPS) which acts as a comfort lining for the inside of the helmet which not only makes it more comfortable but also more adapted to everyone’s head size.

Moreover, the padding on the helmet is also removable and washable which makes it more hygienic and by extension, less uncomfortable. The 2022 Givi M35.0 Scudo also has a new anti scratch clear visor with a rapid removal/attachment system that allows for the rider to clean it or replace parts easily whenever they want.

What’s more, the visor comes with a sun visor too making the 2022 Givi M35.0 Scudo a double visor helmet. The helmet is also very well suited to our Malaysian weather as it has large vents so it never gets too hot or stuffy wearing it. The comfort and convenience alone is very appealing to me.

Another benefit of the 2022 Givi M35.0 Scudo is that it is customizable and comes in 2 solid colours as well as 8 new and unique graphics that you just can’t miss when you see one on the road. However, the graphics will cost you a fair bit more as they go for around RM410 while the plain coloured version will set you back RM365.

Givi M35.0 Scudo

For all those reasons mentioned above and the fact that the Givi Malaysia team is passionate and really friendly is why I think that 2022 Givi M35.0 Scudo ticks all the right boxes and is therefore, the perfect helmet for riding and cruising in Malaysia.

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