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Published on October 11th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


How Do Hydrogen Fuel Cells Work In Cars?

Find out in conjunction with National Hydrogen Day

When we were in school, we all learned that hydrogen is actually the most abundant element in the Universe. Now we want to ask, what percentage of the universe is made up of hydrogen? Find out that and more about hydrogen via this fun quiz courtesy of linked here in conjunction with World Hydrogen day today.


So by now, we are all at least somewhat familiar with electric vehicles (EVs) such as Tesla cars but how much do we know about the next step in EV evolution, the hydrogen fuel cell or as some have dubbed it, hydrogen cars? Wall that’s what the quiz above is for, so feel free to test your knowledge after this.

In addition to regular hybrid and battery EVs, there is also a newer form of power used in some EVs, and it is powered by the most abundant element in the Universe, hydrogen. These EVs are just like any other electric car except their fuel cells contain hydrogen which reacts electrochemically to produce electricity which powers the car.

This makes it’s construction similar to a battery except instead of storing chemical energy and converting it to electricity through a chemical reaction between metals and electrolytes causing the flow of electrons, the hydrogen battery contains compressed hydrogen that converts the chemical energy to electricity and only produces water.


Moreover, as a result of only producing pure water as waste, a hydrogen fuel cell essentially means a zero emissions car while still having all the regular of a battery or full electric EV benefits such as instant and sustainable power as well as the ability to fully make use of incentives, it mitigates a lot of problems conventional EVs have.

On top of absurdly long charging times, some conventional EVs are also extremely complicated and high maintenance, so much so that some mechanics refuse to work on hybrids and EVs but with hydrogen fuel cells, one can refuel quickly by replacing the fuel cells in a matter of minutes like a regular petrol car.

Pretty cool right? This is why we here at DSF want you, our valued readers, to educate yourselves on the workings and benefits of hydrogen power as a fuel alternative so you can always have the most up to date information and stay ahead of the curve in the car community (and in this case, the tech community too).

bmw ix5 hydrogen powertrain

What do you think about hydrogen as an alternative fuel source? I am personally a bit biased as there is nothing like a good old fashioned petrol engine to me but I recognize that it is not as sustainable for the planet as hydrogen so we shall have to wait and see if Malaysia ever adopts this technology on a massive scale.

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