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Published on October 13th, 2022 | by Subhash Nair


Zurich Malaysia Allows Special Perils Coverage Opt-In At Any Time

It’s flood season. Does your car have Special Perils coverage? Are you a Zurich customer?

Late last year, Malaysia experienced some of the most disastrous flooding in recent memory. The Met department warned the government, the insurance companies warned car and home owners, yet many saw tens of thousands of Ringgit washed away as a result of the floods. This year, the floods are said to make a return around mid-November with flash floods already cropping up as rainfall increases.

KWSP for Flooded Car repair

The floods last year resulted in thousands of cars being damaged. According to Allianz Malaysia, only 5% of the flooded cars their customers brought in had special perils coverage. If you don’t have special perils coverage yet and you’re a customer of Zurich Malaysia, there’s some good news. You may opt-in to special perils coverage at any time. Do it now.

Plan NameSpecial perils rate on insured value 
(60% off from normal price)
Cost if RM25,000 insured value (before SST)Cost if RM50,000 insured value (before SST)Cost if RM75,000 insured value (before SST)Cost if RM100,000 insured value (before SST)Cost if RM150,000 insured value (before SST)
Z-Driver Takaful0.2%RM50RM100RM150RM200RM300

As you can see, the opt-in rates are pretty reasonable, all-thing considered. Even if your insurance expires in November, it would be prudent to take this additional coverage. Flood damage can cost between RM4,000 to RM14,000 to repair. Spending RM300 is no gamble in this case.

flood with no special perils coverage

Zurich’s findings in November 2021 was that 59% of Malaysian motorists still lack special perils coverage. Spread this article or message to as many fellow Malaysians as you can before flood season returns. If you’re not a Zurich customer, speak to your insurance agent to check if you have special perils coverage and if you’re able to opt-in if you don’t have it.

Cars Flooded This Weekend


Zurich Malaysia urges motor vehicle owners to add special perils coverage in light of the increasing continuous heavy rains expected from mid-November as warned by MetMalaysia (the Malaysian Meteorological Department).

With the northeast monsoon season also in November, and La Nina phenomenon present until early 2023, the added rainfall is already leading to flash floods in some areas.

Special perils is an add-on for covers vehicles which can be opted-in at any time throughout the year. It protects against loss or damage caused by natural disasters, such as floods.

In its Impact of Pandemic on Protection survey conducted among 990 vehicle owners in September 2021, Zurich Malaysia found that 59% of Malaysian motorists still do not have adequate protection against flood damage.

In addition to flooding, landslides and falling trees are potential perils that Malaysian motorists are not prepared for. Only one in three active motorists (34%) reported having coverage for storms including falling trees, and only 29% are covered for landslides.

Customers are advised to speak to their insurance providers immediately to ensure they are adequately protected against special perils.

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