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Bosch Conducts Flood Survival Program To Prepare Malaysians For Worsening Weather

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia conducted a Flood Survival Program recently to increase awareness and preparedness.

Malaysians are quite blessed overall with limited exposure to natural disasters. For the most part, we’re isolated from the earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, tornados, and forest fires. Unfortunately, landslides, floods and monsoon rains are a real danger and the worsening climate situation is only increasing the risk of floods. It has gotten so bad especially in the last two years.


Major floods in the Klang Valley have resulted in millions of Ringgits of damage to vehicles, houses as well as death and injury. Motor insurance providers have stepped up to provide assistance to victims and to highlight the need for Special Perils coverage. In preparation for another year-end of floods and bad weather, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia (Bosch AA) worked with Malaysia International Search And Rescue (MISAR) to conduct a flood survival program.

Bosch Flood Survival Program Malaysia

The flood survival program was held over the weekend on the 24th of September 2023 at the MISAR Academy in Kuala Lumpur. 200 attendees participated and they were educated on a range of topics. These include flood preparedness, safety and survival training. The participants were instructed on how to identify flood-prone areas as well as how to develop an evacuation plan and how to stay safe during a flood.

On top of that, they also were shown how to transport injured and elderly people during a flood. One important skill that was transferred was how to escape a vehicle that had been submerged in flood water. To close off the program, attendees also were educated on the importance of car safety in a natural disaster.

KWSP for Flooded Car repair

This year’s monsoon season is expected to begin soon and it may last until November. If you haven’t yet opted for special perils coverage on your vehicle, some insurers will allow for coverage to be modified for a small fee. Special Perils may not cover the entire cost of repair but it can sure eliviate the overall cost of repairs stemming from flood damage. If you find yourself facing flood waters in your car this year, DO NOT drive through the water, no matter how shallow it may seem. Even a little bit of water can cause catastrophic damage and there are other real risks involved too.

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