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Published on November 20th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Why Is Our Automotive Agency MARii Not Banning Fake Tint

Fake Window Tint is costing millions of losses every year for car owners.

When buying a new car, many car owners are eager to take home their new vehicle as quickly as possible, so when the sales person suggests a ‘quality tint’ to be installed or even more confusing ‘authorized tint’, they will agree as there is ‘false trust’ that the window film provided will be a quality product that should last as long as the average car finance term, which is 5 to 7 years.

Please take note, that we have never heard of any vehicle manufacturer stating that their customers ‘MUST’ use authorized window tint to ensure their vehicle warranty remains active.

Car manufacturers do not produce window tint film, instead they work with credible window tint film manufacturers around the globe and some will provide window tint as part of the vehicle sales package to ensure their customers get the best possible product.

Meanwhile we have an automotive agency called MARii that used to be called ‘MAI’ (Malaysian Automotive Institute) which has been riddled with corruption in the past (their former CEO has been removed and waiting for a new head) that is supposed to look into this decade old issue.

The huge waste of money yearly also the waste of ‘plastic’ (the fake tint will need to be ripped out and thrown away when it is time to sell the car) continues as MARii officers are not taking this serious issue that waste money, effects the environment (plastic waste) and may cause accidents when drivers cannot see out properly when driving, especially in the rain and also when the sun goes down.

So, as the advertising of low priced window tint also gets many car owners excited with the thought of saving money and getting that much needed window tint to protect us from the harsh sun.

The reality is right here in the pictures shared where after just a few months of installing fake window tint, driver’s/car owners end up having blur vision in their car and an unsightly outlook for their new car.

Interestingly, there are even car owners who will believe Facebook and online advertising that says quality window tint installed for just RM199.00 to RM299.00 with warranty.

This is obviously false advertising and should be looked into by well paid government employees in our automotive agency.

Or, could it be that they are too busy ‘looking the other way’ as the big suppliers of this fake window tint ‘look after these government employees?’

Interestingly, we have heard that a replacement for the ‘removed’ former MARii head is about to start work soon and we hope that he will come and ‘clean’ up his building of corrupt individuals and also look into this serious continuing issue and many other automotive mistakes in our country.

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