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Published on December 16th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Honda Conducts Hybrid Vehicle Training With Bomba

This reaffirms Honda’s and the Bomba’s commitment to safety

Honda Malaysia has just conducted the Honda Hybrid Vehicle Rescue Manual Training with firefighters from BOMBA Malaysia and this reaffirms that Honda as well as the dedicated Bomba team are always fully committed to the safety of every Malaysian and are always ready to learn.


This hybrid vehicle training between Honda and the Bomba is one of Honda Malaysia’s steps in educating first responders on the right knowledge and guidelines in the event that a road accident occurs with any Honda hybrid models. This ensures that the Bomba will not be confused on how to handle the situation.

Moreover, Honda Malaysia stated that the company is conducting this hybrid vehicle training because “safety is our priority for our customers,” and Honda has proven this time and again especially recently with innovations such as adding Honda Sensing safety systems to certain cars and now with the hybrid vehicle training.


On top of that, Honda Malaysia also said that the company is always prepared to help firefighters find the right approach to Honda hybrid vehicles, especially since there are so many more electronics that make the vehicle fundamentally different compared to any internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle.

This is extremely important in the modern day as there are many more hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) on the road these days and while Malaysia still has a long way to go before we have the necessary infrastructure that will allow every Malaysian to own an EV, there are still a substantial number of hybrids and EVs on the road today.


Additionally, hybrid vehicles are more at risk of exploding in an accident due to the battery packs the car carries. This is one of the reasons why the firefighters in Bomba Malaysia need to know more about hybrids and how to handle an accident involving one as they would be the only ones capable of handling the situation if it goes wrong.

Furthermore, things like this Honda hybrid vehicle training are part of the reason why Honda cars are so successful in Malaysia as well. After all, we as Malaysians are always looking for more safety features to be added to our cars and Honda is always more than happy to oblige.


What do you guys think about this? Will this Honda hybrid vehicle training help the Bomba be more well prepared to handle an accident involving a hybrid vehicle? I hope so and I also hope other automakers will follow suit and help educate first responders on how to handle their hybrid cars as well.

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