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Published on January 18th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Accident At Penang Toll Sends Perodua Ativa Flying

The accident caused the car to land upside down

So yesterday afternoon at the toll station from Beihai to Penang Island there was an accident involving a Perodua Ativa which ended up flying forward and landing upside down. The car also “grazed” a few other cars, including the black colored Honda Civic seen in the picture below, on its way before landing.


Not much is known about the incident as for now there are only a few photos and videos showing the aftermath but a link to a video on Facebook from Araaz Media Network of the final few seconds of the accident is here if you wish to check it out. Thank you Araaz Media Network for the video.

Moreover, based on the rest of the pictures we see here, it looks like the occupants of the car managed to be pulled out or pull themselves out and by dumb luck, the Perodua Ativa landed right in front of one of the Touch ‘N Go lanes so it appears that that particular lane would be blocked off for a while until the car would be removed.

On top of that, we also know that this accident likely happened because either the Perodua Ativa or the car(s) behind it were driving at high speeds. After all, it is not hard to imagine why else the car would flip in the air and land upside down otherwise.


So what could be done to avoid accidents like this from happening? Well, the obvious answer is don’t drive like you’re Michael Schumacher competing in a world championship race but, of course, some people will be shocked to hear that. I have seen far too many people driving way too fast at toll roads and this needs to stop.

Furthermore, many Malaysians in general like to go way too fast regardless of where they are on the road and this alarming behaviour should be punished more heavily, otherwise it could lead to accidents and even worse deaths and while it is unclear what the Perodua Ativa slammed into to crash, the occupants are lucky to be alive.

Obviously, I do not need to explain how much worse this accident could have been as I am sure you, the reader, are aware of how fragile life is and how easily it all could end but we here at DSF would just like to remind all our readers to truly internalize the philosophy of “better late than never.”


So don’t rush and definitely don’t speed, especially on toll roads so we can all have a safer Malaysia for our children. Remember that change starts with you so if you want a better world, you need to be better first. Remember to drive safely and responsibly this upcoming Lunar New Year holiday season Malaysia.

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