Car Catches Fire After Severe Accident……….Please Drive Safe!


Published on September 10th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Car Catches Fire After Severe Accident……….Please Drive Safe!

Car accidents can produce a few body dents and passenger bruises to a complete catastrophe involving a trip to the emergency room or even worse….. fatality. One of the most terrifying consequences is being caught in a vehicle fire. Although car fires are uncommon results of an accident, (like in the pictures attached here) when they do occur they can cause catastrophic burns and trauma, while ensuring complete vehicle destruction which you can see here in these pictures.

Common causes of car accident fires include the following:

Electrical system malfunctions. Cars today have a lot of high-tech wiring which is susceptible to the effects of a severe collision. The impact of an accident can easily loosen wires and sever cables, allowing electricity to freely spark wherever an electrical connection was present. These sparks can then ignite fuel, fabric, and fumes to create small flames that can quickly become raging infernos. (pictured below is the radiator fan)

Presence of flammable liquids. The leading cause of vehicle fires is when flammable liquid—such as gasoline and oil—are released by the force of a collision. The impact can stir the liquid, cause it to leak, and even create sparks that could ignite it. Even if sparks aren’t introduced, overheated radiators or damaged engines can produce enough heat to set the liquid on fire and engulf your vehicle in flames.

Combustible fumes being released. Petrol isn’t the only form of gas that can ignite; petrol vapor is also highly combustible. This means that even if your petrol tank isn’t leaking, the impact of a collision can agitate the petrol enough to produce large amounts of fumes, which could then ignite. Once the fumes catch on fire, the flames can then travel back to the petrol itself, essentially feeding the blaze. Likewise, oil vapors in your engine are specifically designed to ignite with the help of your engine’s spark plugs. If an uncontrolled spark ignites expelled vapor, than an explosion could result.

Please drive safely and there is not need to rush as the Police is watching you via the many cameras to award demerit points to you.

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