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Lamborghini Revuelto Debuts As Aventador’s PHEV Replacement

The Lamborghini Revuelto premiers as the brand’s flagship with a V12 PHEV powertrain.

Lamborghini flagship vehicles have had a long tradition of being naturally-aspirated V12 machines – and the latest in the line, the Revuelto, honours this tradition with a minor update for the 2020s. Where the previous Aventador eliminated the manual transmission altogether, the new Lamborghini Revuelto adds a plug-in hybrid element to the mix. Fittingly, ‘Revuelto’ is the Spanish word for mixed up as well as being the name of famous Spanish fighting bull.

Orange Lamborghini Revuelto from the rear with doors closed

The Revuelto comes with an all-new 12-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol motor that’s paired to an all-new 8-speed double-clutch gearbox with 3 electric motors and a 3.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This entire setup is good for 1015PS and can be driven on pure electric power for short distances. If you’d like to know go into the details of this powertrain, check out our article on it here.

Orange Lamborghini Revuelto side profile

Carbon fibre is the main element used in the fuselage, frame and bodywork elements. This has enabled Lamborghini to achieve its best weight-to-power ratio in history at 1.75kg per PS. The result is unbelievable in terms of numbers. 0-100km/h takes just 2.5 seconds and its top speed is 350km/h.

This performance is honed in with electric torque vectoring and four-wheel drive. Lamborghini developed a few bespoke tyres with Bridgestone for use with the Revuelto. Potenza Sport run-flat tyres in a staggered setup are recommended by default. A high-performance tubeless version has also been developed.

Orange Lamborghini Revuelto doors up

In terms of styling, Lamborghini haven’t broken the mould. They started with the proportions of the original Countach and its vertically-opening scissor doors but also adds in elements from the Diablo and Murciélago. The hexagonal and Y-shapes from the Aventador era are also replicated here. There are also aerospace inspirations that make up the Revuelto’s design theme. The longitudinally-mounted V12 and its hybrid elements are fully-exposed for added drama.

Inside, an 8.4″ vertical touchscreen is the core of the cabin. There’s also a 12.3″ digital instrument cluster and a 9.1″ display for the passenger. Applications can be swiped from one screen to another. Lamborghini says that having three screens has helped them eliminate most physical buttons in the cabin, allowing the driving to fully concentrate on driving.

That’s kind of a silly statement to me, as the driver will also have to go fishing through digital menus to find simple controls that would otherwise be intuitive and close at hand.

Orange Lamborghini Revuelto cabin dashboard interior

Compared to the Aventador Ultimae, the Revuelto offers 26mm more headroom and 84mm more legroom as well as enough cargo space to hold a golf bag. There’s also an additional luggage compartment under the hood large enough to accommodate 2 cabin trolleys.


In the cabin there are storage compartments under the centre dashboard and between the seats as well as a cupholder on the passenger side.

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