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Published on April 12th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Does The ECON Button In Your Honda Save Your Fuel

Have you tried using the ECON button to see how much fuel you can save.

As the global economy hits a downward trend and global fuel price start rising, it is wise to look at which vehicle is best for your needs and also your pocket.

Honda ECON Button

Did you know that popular Honda vehicles, like the HR-V. Accord, City, Civic and even family friendly CR-V all have an ECO Assist™ System?

This system is put in place to provide you with visual indicators on how your driving patterns will impact fuel economy. When you are driving in a way that improves fuel economy, the ambient meter on the driver information display will turn Green.

Light Green indicates moderate acceleration and deceleration. White indicates increased acceleration and deceleration that could have a negative impact on fuel economy.

Throttle Response – ECON Mode will adjust throttle response at higher speeds to limit acceleration and improve your fuel economy.

Transmission Shift Points – To further maximize fuel economy, ECON Mode will adjust transmission shift points to shift at lower RPMs and prioritize fuel consumption over performance.

Cruise Control – When you switch to ECON Mode with cruise control on, expect your Honda to downshift less frequently to improve your L/100 km rating.

Climate Control – When in ECON Mode, your Honda will adjust climate controls and air compressor settings to operate more efficiently and prioritize fuel economy. 

By frequently shifting up and down, the car’s fuel economy suffers. However, the ECON mode ensures that the transmission only shifts when it is really necessary.

By altering the shift points, the vehicle runs more efficiently. On the other hand, if you are driving on hilly terrain with your cruise control on, the ECON mode also limits downshifting, so you will sacrifice some speed.

Depending on how you are using your vehicle, the amount of fuel needed varies. By activating the ECON mode, the amount of fuel injected into the engine gets reduced. While this helps your vehicle use less petrol, it can also lead to performance issues if you need to accelerate quickly.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering when to use the Econ button, these are the following situations:

  • On the highway
  • On the road without steep incline and curves
  • When the outside temperature is not too high

So, remember this, Engaging the ECON button while driving doesn’t result in a decrease in driving performance. The button is designed to conserve fuel and save you money on your petrol bill by reducing your need for acceleration and braking.

Honda claim that the ECON mode can save up to 9.5 percent in fuel efficiency. So, you might need to be reliant on just Shell RON 95 fuel that claims to provide up to 15 kilometers of driving distance on every full tank.

Just get yourself a new Honda vehicle and save up to 9.5 percent of fuel by using your preferred RON 95.

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