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Volvo Cars For Life: Look Inward For Better Road Safety This Festive Season

Safety begins in the mind, made even better behind the wheel of an ultra-safe Volvo vehicle.

Ramadan is a time of togetherness, reflection, and self-improvement, and it’s a time when families and friends come together to celebrate with feasting and prayer. However, as with any festive season, the increased activity on the roads can pose safety risks for drivers and passengers alike. With this in mind, Volvo Cars has launched a new campaign to help drivers keep their cars safe during the busy Ramadan and Raya season.

The Volvo Cars For Life campaign is all about taking the next step towards safer roads through psychological safety. Volvo has been at the forefront of automotive safety for 95 years, and the company has always had safety in mind. Volvo Cars set a bold vision to have zero fatal injuries in a Volvo car and the company’s commitment to safety has encouraged it to look at safety differently.

One of the key insights that Volvo has gained through its safety research is that no matter how safe the car is, it’s only as safe as the mind that drives it. Our lives don’t stop when we get behind the wheel, and our thoughts, feelings, and emotions come along for the ride. For decades, Volvo has focused on what safety looks like outside the car, but now the company is focusing on what safety looks like inside the car starting with a mindset to ‘rediscover safety’.

volvo car for life safety campaign mindset

The goal of this mindset is to give drivers a sense of security and encourage us all to reconsider our approach to safety. While driving, we typically concentrate on the road and rely on our car’s passive and active safety systems. However, we often overlook our psychological state when behind the wheel, which can include factors such as fatigue, distraction, or absent-mindedness that may result in accidents.

Volvo Car’s For Life campaign aims to remind us that our lives do not pause when we start driving. Volvo Cars believes that our thoughts, emotions, and feelings all play a role in determining our psychological state to drive safely, and no matter how safe our cars are, they are only as secure as the driver’s mindset – a blind spot identified by Volvo Cars.

So, what can you do to keep your car safe during the busy Ramadan and upcoming Raya season? Here are some tips:

  1. Check your car before you hit the road. Before you start your journey, make
    sure that your car is in good condition. Check the brakes, tires, and
    headlights, and make sure that all of your mirrors are properly adjusted.
  2. Avoid driving during peak hours. During the month of Ramadan, traffic
    tends to be heaviest in the late afternoon and early evening, as people rush
    to break their fast. Try to plan your journeys outside of these peak hours to
    avoid congestion.
  3. Stay alert and focused. It’s easy to become distracted while driving, but
    during the busy Ramadan season, it’s especially important to stay focused.
    Avoid using your phone or other electronic devices while driving, and keep
    your eyes on the road at all times.
  4. Be patient and courteous. During Ramadan, people may be in a hurry to get
    home for iftar, so it’s important to be patient and courteous on the road. Use
    your turn signals, give other drivers plenty of space, and avoid aggressive
  5. Take regular breaks. Long hours of fasting can lead to fatigue and
    drowsiness, so it’s important to take regular breaks if you feel tired. Pull
    over in a safe place and take a short nap, or stop for a coffee or a snack to
    help you stay alert.

The Volvo Cars For Life campaign is all about taking the next step towards safer
roads through psychological safety. By following these simple tips, you can help to
make the roads safer for everyone.

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