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Published on July 1st, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Blueshark R1 Electric Scooter Test Ride In Petaling Jaya

The Easy-to-Use Blueshark R1 Electric Scooters in Malaysia tested in the city

We first heard of Blueshark battery powered scooters the year before Covid-19 arrived. There was little fanfare in the Malaysian media as electric powered vehicles were not being taken seriously due to lack of charging infrastructure and also awareness.

The Covid-19 arrived and there was almost negligible activity from the brand. Meanwhile, Penang based Eclimo electric scooters were still ‘charging ahead’ with their homegrown product and there was continuing research and development to get their battery powered scooters more efficient and fun to ride.

We even took a test ride and was quite taken by the Malaysian made scooter. There was also another brand pushing hard. Treeletrik. Already in Malaysia for more than 6 years, there were targeting various sectors in the Malaysian economy.

We also managed to test 2 of their popular electric scooters, the T70 and the larger T90 and was quite impressed as well. However, between Treeletrik and Eclimo, there was still no clear winner.

Then Blueshark contacted us to test ride their R1 right after their big re-launch in March 2023. 

We were eager to delve into the ease of use, advanced features and benefits of using a Blueshark R1 battery powered scooter in and around Petaling Jaya.

We got a ‘Darksea Black’ unit and you have a choice of – Blueshark Blue, Spindrift White, Seashell Pink, Coconut Brown, Coastal Beige and Pine Green to choose from.

Simple and Intuitive Controls

From the start we noticed that this Blueshark R1 is designed with user convenience in mind which means, age is no issue as long as you have a license.

The intuitive controls and user-friendly interface screen is effortless for riders of all skill levels to operate this scooter. With easy-to-reach handlebar controls, riders can accelerate, brake and control the 3 levels of speed with ease.

Level1 takes you to a maximum or 40 km/h depending on the weight of the rider and the gradient being ridden.

Level2 moves you up to 60 km/h and this also ‘sucks’ a little more juice from the battery pack.

Level3 has a maximum speed of 90 km/h and best only when on the open highway. We found using Level2 in city traffic to be the best level for us.

Battery life is between 80 to 100km depending on riding style and weight being transported. We were singly riding the whole time and managed almost 85km.

Charging the battery is easy. Unlock the seat, and you will find 2 batteries underneath in neat compartments. Using the provided cable, we managed to charge each battery in about 3 hours at home.

So, whether you are a beginner to the biking world or an experienced rider, the simplicity of the Blueshark R1 ensures an easy ownership once you understand the battery life.

Eco-Friendly Performance

Riders can enjoy a quiet and smooth ride while minimising their carbon footprint. The powertrain also offers decent acceleration, ensuring a quick and efficient commute around the city without contributing to air pollution or noise disturbances.

Safety Features and Reliability

This Blueshark R1 braking system is very good, has sleek looking LED lights for enhanced visibility, and a sturdy construction which gives good feel and sturdy handling on our pot-holed streets and various road imperfections.

This R1 is built with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and the advanced suspension system delivers a comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and vibrations along the way.

The R1 also comes (industry first in Malaysia) side view camera viewing which works like Honda’s LaneWatch system. Just use tour indicator and the side camera’s will show the approaching image on the 10inch full color instrument cluster. Impressed?

There is more. The R1 also comes with a reverse gear. With just a simple button, your get ‘powered’ reverse which makes like in tight parking spots easy to reverse out.

The R1 is equipped with the Blueshark ArkRide Smart OS, there is Bluetooth connectivity, media playback, OTA updates for the screen and a driving recorder to ensure accidents are recorded.


So, for college or office commuting or even for exploring the city, this R1 delivers a reliable and efficient riding experience. Embrace the freedom effortless transportation while reducing your environmental impact at prices starting from RM9,390 for this R1 we are testing here and from RM7,190 for the R1 Lite.

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