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Published on July 10th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Is The Nio ET5T The First EV Sports Wagon From China?

The Nio ET5T lets you experience an EV with sports wagon performance

The world has been captivated by sports wagons for as long as car culture has existed. While not everyone can see the appeal, we all know that for family men and older car guys with responsibilities and the old ball and chain to answer to, a sports coupe simply will not fly and this is where the sports wagon comes in.


If the Audi RS6 proves anything it is that there is no shortage of car guys who value the added practicality a wagon adds with their sports car and with the whole world slowly shifting to electrification and electric vehicles (EVs), Chinese automaker Nio has an electric sports wagon to fill that niche. Enter the Nio ET5T.

Moreover, the Nio ET5T, with the second “T” standing for Touring, is positioned by the brand as a Smart Electric Tourer for those who want to travel in style. Nio also describes the electric sports wagon as pure, sophisticated and progressive. The Nio ET5T is also the first tourer the brand designed according to its design philosophy.


Nio also designed the ET5T as an electric sports wagon developed for the European market to rival the likes of BMW, Porsche and other premium European automakers right in their backyard. While some may be skeptical, I personally think that this car has the looks to not only compete with but beat out all the European offerings.

The Nio ET5T is a station wagon version of the well received ET5 sedan which was unveiled in 2021. Since then, the brand had already laid out plans to expand in the European market. The brand currently already has a foothold in Norway with plans of entering the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Germany at the moment.


On top of that, while the Nio ET5T is based on the sedan mode, it features a few key differences such as having an extended length, its roofline being connected at the rear as well as up to 1,300 litres of boot space but retains the same dimensions of 4,790mm in length, 1,960mm in width and 1,499mm in height.

The Nio ET5T is also powered by a dual electric motor set up making it all-wheel drive and makes 482hp and about 705Nm of torque. Which makes the car capable of a century sprint time of just 4 seconds. The car also features a perfect 50:50 weight distribution as well as a low 499mm centre of gravity for added stability.

The Nio ET5T will be made available in three different battery options in China and deliveries will start from 16 June 2023 in the region and later in Europe as well during the fourth quarter of the year. Nio also plans to expand its battery swapping service availability in Europe as well.


We got all this from Electrek and their full article is linked here. Thank you Electrek for the information and images.

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