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Isuzu D-Max Base Model Gets Equipment Update

Isuzu Malaysia improves the base model D-Max with a reverse camera and a touchscreen.

When it comes to pick-up trucks, most manufacturers are keen to loads of equipment on their topmost model but leave the base models feeling extremely spartan. This makes some sense, as base model pick-up trucks are often used in extremely tough environments – market traders, farms, estates, building sites, etc. Isuzu Malaysia are bucking that trend with the D-Max.

This week, the company announced that its base model Isuzu D-Max 1.9L Standard would come with a reverse camera. While this sounds like a minor change, it’s actually quite significant for the industry as no other brand offers a reverse camera as standard on their rival pick-up trucks!

Adding a reverse camera makes a lot of sense and a lot of value to any pick-up truck customer. Most people don’t realise just how huge these vehicles are, which can make parking a bit of an issue for some. The reverse camera also adds a layer of safety and financial security as it helps minimise the risk of preventable accidents.

“With the immense capability of our pick-up trucks, the Isuzu D-Max continues to appeal to those who depend on them heavily on a daily basis. By providing these users with a factory-fitted solution for their parking needs, not only do we help protect their investments, it also ensures that their vehicles continue to remain mobile reliably and safely,” said Isuzu Malaysia’s Chief Operating Officer Kenkichi Sogo.

Besides adding the reverse camera, the base model D-Max also comes with four other changes. The first is the new 7″ colour touch-enabled head unit. This unit enables the reverse camera’s output to be displayed, as the base model previously came without a colour display. The same Bluetooth connectivity and 6-speaker set up continues to be offered on this model.

The second change comes in the form of two built-in USB ports in the front – one Type A and one Type C. This enhances the convenience to owners and occupants who may have one charging cable handy and not the other.

The third change is the body-coloured door and tailgate handles. These were previously finished in silver. Body-coloured handles are a pretty minor aesthetic change that most buyers will consider accepting in exchange for the new reverse camera and infotainment system.

Unfortunately, the equipment changes to not come for free. There is a modest RM1,500 price hike for the D-Max Standard models. This brings the price for the manual-equipped model up to RM105,599.20 and the automatic model’s price up to RM112,999.20. These are on-the-road without insurance prices in Peninsular Malaysia. As a reminder, the D-Max lineup was already updated once before this year.

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