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Published on July 9th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


KIA Picanto Or Hyundai i10 Used Or A New Perodua Axia E

Which to buy for your teenager, a new AXIA E or a used Korean hatchback

This happens to be a question being asked on social media and the response so far has been quite interesting as many Malaysians prefer to buy a used Picanto over a brand new Axia E.

The reasons could be quite simply. A brand new Axia E may have a sticker price of just RM22k but after you visit the car accessory shop to install an Android Auto and Apple Carplay device, plus lets not forget some simple alloy wheels and tires, the price of this basic Perodua rises up to almost RM26,000 or more.

Add to the fact that the audio player and wheels will be a cash payment on top of the initial deposit for the Axia E.

Then there is the question about safety, as the Axia E only gets two airbags and that’s it. Interestingly this Axia model is the previous version which puts its side by side with the Picanto and i10 in terms of model age.

Next comes the drive dynamics when on the road. We all know that the Axia is as basic as it can get and this means a relatively simple driving feel, almost on par with a 22 year old Kelisa.

With the Hyundai i10 the drive feel is more refined and composed and even at 110km/h on the highway you will not feel the car ‘floating’ as long as the tires and suspension is in good condition.

At launch in 2011 it was priced from RM50,688 for the 1.25 Kappa CVVT version and it featured 13-inch front disc and large 7-inch rear drums together with the 4-channel ABS and standard brake booster, as well as assistant systems for better braking power and non-skid security.

The top-of-the line i10 model is also equipped with two airbags with pretensioners for the safety of the driver and front passenger.

Meanwhile, the Kia Picanto (which is engineering sibling to the Hyundai) on the other hand provides a big car feel and comfort. The front seats are comfortable and rear passengers have generous cushions under their thighs. Take the Picanto on city roads and you will find it to be a good commuter car with the ride and handling pleasant, but not remarkable.

The brakes are fine, and front wheel drive provides good traction. What you see with the Picanto is not what you get. On the outside, the Picanto is a compact car… but on the inside, we found the Picanto to be surprisingly spacious.

The tall roof makes a huge difference inside, providing excellent headroom if you happen to be a basketball player, and also giving the car great visibility, thanks to the added height of the front and back windows.

On the open highway pushing this compact car to illegal speeds beyond 140km/h is a stretch but up to 120km/h is easily executed. The handling is also good and there is no ‘floating’ ride at 110km/.

So, if you ask our humble opinion, try looking at a used Picanto before rushing into a Perodua showroom.

Kia Picanto  Specifications
Engine: 4-cylinder DOHC
Displacement: 1248cc
Max power: 91bhp @ 6000rpm
Max torque: 119.6Nm @ 4000rpm
Transmission: 4-speed auto

Price When New: RM59,888.00

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