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Published on July 26th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


My Honest Thoughts On The Proton X90 After Driving It From Subang To Gambang And Back

Find out exactly what I think of the Proton X90 after driving it for the first time

Okay, so if you follow me on Instagram, then you will know that for the past two days, I have been on a drive from Subang to Gambang and back with our national carmaker, Proton in their flagship 7-seater SUV, the X90. Well, after having driven the car through all sorts of road conditions here is my honest opinion on the car.

First things first, let’s address some of the most common points of the Proton X90. Is it underpowered? Well, no but at the same time the car did seem a bit sluggish to respond. However, as a family SUV, it is more than powerful enough and is also mostly comfortable enough for adults on long trips while also being very fuel efficient.

Moreover, the “Hi Proton” feature was very useful as it is far more effective than using the infotainment system which, at least to me, is actually very inconvenient as it was a bit tricky to navigate at first but became more intuitive over time but it was still a lot more of a hassle than just speaking to the car.

The Proton X90, unlike many other 7-seater SUVs on the market, is a proper 7-seater, rather than a 5 plus 2, at least to me because I can honestly say, I personally would not mind going on short trips in the third row but since the seats in the car, especially the flagship variant which is a 6-seater, are a bit too small for the size of the car so longer trips may be slightly uncomfortable.

It should also be noted that the suspension of the Proton X90 is not too soft or stiff and handles bumps as well as turns very well. There was very minimal, if any, body roll even when making turns at higher speeds. However, the engine did scream very loudly when the throttle was pushed down all the way but that is to be expected.

On top of that, the spacious and high-tech interior of the Proton X90 makes it a great family car to me mainly because it features everything the modern family will need in an interior, namely, space, technology, a wireless charger and multiple USB ports to charge other gadgets. I can attest to this as the cruise control also really helped me as a first time D-segment SUV driver.

So there you have it, the main things I liked and disliked as well as observed and for people like me who do not usually drive bigger cars, honestly, I think the Proton X90 is a great choice because it is technologically advanced, practical and also affordable so if you are looking for a large family car, do consider the Proton X90.

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