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Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Shown As Replacement To Replaces Outgoing Prado J150 Model

After decades of success as the Prado, the Toyota Land Cruiser 250 arrives as its replacement.

The Land Cruiser is a legendary line of off-road capable SUVs from Toyota. Today the lineup saw its latest addition, dubbed the Land Cruiser 250. The Land Cruiser line-up has consisted of three core products – the flagship (Land Cruiser 300), the heavy-duty (70) and the light-duty model (Prado).

The new Land Cruiser 250 is essentially a re-calibrated light-duty model that no longer carries the Prado name. There are two faces, one with rectangular headlights and one with round headlights. In its development, Akio Toyoda instructed the product development team to return the Light Duty model to the true form that consumers are looking for. Thus, the Land Cruiser 250 was created with a simple, no-frills sturdy setup.

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 with round front lights

Land Cruiser 250 Mechanicals

It shares the same GA-F platform as the flagship Land Cruiser 300, so it’s still a great off-roader with good on-road comfort and handling. The GA-F platform gives the 250 a 50% increase in frame rigidity and 30% increase in overall rigidity. An Electric Power Steering module is employed here for easier maneuverability at low speeds and for Lane Tracing Assist functionality. A Stabilizer Disconnect Mechanism has been added for the first time, allowing for front stabilizer state to be changed depending on whether the car is on or off road. Off-road driving support has been improved through Multi-Terrain Monitor and Multi-Terrain Select.

It also comes with a wide variety of powertrains.


  • T24A-FTS Gasoline 2.4-liter turbo Hybrid Direct Shift-8AT
    • 330PS, 630Nm
    • High-end electric powertrain
    • In addition to off-road capabilities, improved acceleration and environmental performance across all power ranges, from initial acceleration to climbing and towing
    • North America & China
  • T24A-FTS Gasoline 2.4-liter turbo Direct Shift-8AT
    • 281PS, 430Nm
    • Mass-market gasoline powertrain
    • Smooth and powerful driving performance, a quiet ride, and environmental performance achieved through a newly developed TNGA powertrain
    • Middle East, Eastern Europe, Etc
  • 2TR-FE 2.7-liter gasoline 6 Super-ECT
    • 163PS, 246Nm
    • High-quality, affordable basic powertrain
    • Improved ease of handling in normal driving
    • Eastern Europe, Japan, etc.


  • 1GD-FTV Diesel 2.8-liter turbo (48V system) Direct Shift-8AT
    • 204PS, 500Nm
    • High-end diesel powertrain
    • In addition to the characteristics of the 1GD, improved actual fuel economy in urban settings and traffic congestion
    • High-quality, quiet engine startup and smooth initial take-off
    • Australia, Western Europe
  • 1GD-FTV Diesel 2.8-liter turbo Direct Shift-8AT
    • 204PS, 500Nm
    • Mass-market diesel powertrain
    • Improved ease of handling both on- and off-road through a combination of the 8AT and 1GD, which has a reputation for good fuel economy and powerful driving performance
    • Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Middle East, etc.

You get Toyota Safety Sense as standard on all Land Cruiser 250 grades.

Styling & Dimensions

In terms of size, the Land Cruiser 250 is larger than the outgoing Prado and it will still come with three rows of seats.

  • Length: 4925mm (+100mm)
  • Width: 1980mm (+95mm)
  • Height: 1870mm (+20mm)
  • Wheelbase: 2850mm (+60mm)

Toyota says that durability and easy of repair were key aspects. They also anticipate customers would want to customize certain aspects of the 250. In terms of looks, the keywords were ‘reliable’, ‘timeless’ and ‘professional’. You see a lot of boxy proportions and horizontal lines to create the classic Land Cruise silhouette. Interior styling has shifted away from high-end Land Cruiser cabin appointments to more rugged basic construction. It’s a much more functional product, probably designed to have a go at the Ford Bronco in the US and the Land Rover Defender in other parts of the world.

Depending on the market, the Land Cruiser 250 will be available with two different ‘faces’. The lower grade in the US features round headlights while the higher grade features rectangular headlights with triple projectors.

Land Cruiser 250 Lineage Analysis

This model is rather unique in that it spiritually replaces the Land Cruiser Prado 150 for the international market, but it also replaces the Land Cruiser 200 in the United States. This is because the recently launched flagship Land Cruiser 300 has been deemed too expensive for the US market, where the US-developed Toyota Sequoia currently serves well.

The new Land Cruiser 250 then is a re-branding of the Prado. The Prado began life as a consumer-oriented trim of the Land Cruiser J70 workhorse. It then was evolved in subsequent generations to serve as a smaller, cheaper to run version of the full-sized Land Cruiser 100 and then 200. Today, the Land Cruiser 250 also serves as a smaller, cheaper to run version of the full-sized Land Cruiser 300.

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