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Published on August 5th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Why Are These Luxury British Cars Left To Rot Away

Can these luxury British cars be rescued or not

This familiar sight of luxury British Cars rotting away along Federal Highway has been on our minds for years.

You will notice them only if you are in one of the many daily traffic jams or been sitting as a passenger in a vehicle moving along this super busy highway.

In between the Carlsberg drinks factory and the small used car area is the Kontena Nasional bonded open car park and right up against the fence you will see a row of rotting classic luxury British cars. There is one very rare Jaguar (see picture below the car next to the white van) and the rest are Rolls Royce cars.

British cars

All units having British car number plates which leaves us to assume that there were imported in by a classic car AP holder a decade or more ago and there must have been some issue with the AP document or the cars were illegally shipped from England or even maybe the AP holder might be gone, disappeared.  

British Cars

If you are a classic car nut, seeing any luxury British car rotting under the elements for 5-10 years or more will bring tears to your eyes and the notion that someone should and must rescue it and bring it back to its glory days.

So, the AP holder of these cars must have had a serious situation to have to end up leaving this collection of cars idle and as the years pass they rot away until it is maybe too late or too rotten to be saved.

We have over the years come across other rare rotting cars sitting in the garages of AP holders around the country.  Some are barn finds and others are just old cars that need to be rescued.

Is it worth restoring?

That depends. We don’t know the actual history of these cars. Given how most Rolls-Royce vehicles are customised to the individual, there are so many factors to consider besides the condition of the car seen here.

In short, even with the paperwork in order and the reduced import duties paid right now plus add in the right restoration and paperwork you might not be able to get much for each of the Rolls Royce cars, but the Jaguar sports car might be worth the effort.

Right now, the more important questions are:

  • can you find the owner?
  • is the owner willing and legally able to part with the car?
  • will you be able to agree on a price?
  • can you find someone willing and able to carry out a restoration within your budget?
  • is there someone who will buy it once all that’s done?

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