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Published on September 21st, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 Review At Sepang September 2023

This latest version of the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 comes in varies sizes

Performance tyres like the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 can be enjoyed by drivers using sports cars like the Mercedes AMG as well as performance sedans like the Honda Civic Turbo. We got to try them out against their immediate rival (fitted on the same car) in a slalom, wet braking and also high speed track drive.

As with any new generation tyre (we have been using the Asymmetric 3 until recently), the engineers strive to better the rivals and make sure it is felt from behind the wheel. Then the rival will start working on a better tyre and the game continues.

So, for the tyre consumer/buyer, they have better grip and efficiency with every new generation of tyre. Right now, its Goodyear leading the game.

Tyres are the single most important part of the suspension on your car. Not only do they absorb the bumps and potholes before the springs and shock absorbers can react, they also perform the most important job that the car’s suspension has to perform: keep the car on the road.

When shopping for performance tyres, sports tyres, or touring tyres like the Assurance MaxGuard, it pays to do your homework in advance, but also going with an expectation for how you would like the car to drive.

Fitting touring tyres on a sports car may not be the best idea for keeping a vehicle’s speed rating and handling characteristics. However, touring tyres like the Assurance MaxGuard fitted to a sedan in place of economy tyres will give a far more comfortable ride and improve the car’s handling several times over.

By the same token, though, sports tyres on a sedan won’t make the ride particularly comfortable, but you’ll be able to carve up corners like you never dreamed would be possible.

When you purchase performance tyres, look first at the tread rating, as in how much wear the tyres are expected to provide in the course of their useful life.

Most performance tyres tend to average between 35,000 and 45,000 kilometers for a tread wear, however it all depends on driving style and also road conditions which is getting worse as you read this.

For a sports car, which may not be driven every day, this is fine. If the car is your daily driver, however, and you commute hundred kilometers to work every day, those performance tyres are going to wear down fast.

For sedans which are daily drivers, consider tyres built more in the line of touring tyres. Touring tyres are designed to provide good all-season traction in a variety of conditions, and have a wide contact patch for good handling.

A lower or stiffer sidewall of the tire will provide excellent handling, which though not on par with sports tyres, is still considerably more confidence- inspiring than economy tyres.

When a global tire company like Goodyear brings a new tire to the market, you can be sure that a lot of engineering and research has been put into it.

As the world’s most successful tire company, Goodyear is constantly striving to produce class best tire products for all segments.

Yes, it has been popular with its motorsports tires over the years and even after pulling out of Formula 1 decades ago, Goodyear is still very actively involved in Nascar, GT and endurance racing.

Now, 125 years later, Goodyear was to continue offering drivers value for money ‘round black tires’ for better wet weather handling and longer lasting treads to save drivers money in the long run.

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