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Mazda Iconic SP Debuts With Twin Rotor Rotary EV System At Japan Mobility Show 2023

Mazda Iconic SP takes the rotary range extender EV concept a step further in the performance direction.

At the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Mazda stunned with the reveal of the Iconic SP concept car. Instead of a new generation MX-5, this is what we got – a compact electric sports car with a unique two-rotor rotary EV system.

The Mazda Iconic SP is essentially an electric vehicle. However, in order to achieve a longer range and lower weight, there’s a smaller battery but also a generator running petrol to keep that battery optimally charged.

Mazda has used a similar concept before with the MX-30 PHEV, but in this application, there is no plug-in functionality AND the generator is a two-rotor rotary engine instead of a single rotor rotary. This allowed to create an electric sports car with a pretty reasonable weight of 1450kg.

What’s really interesting here is that Mazda says they’ve made a rotary engine that can burn a variety of fuel types including hydrogen and carbon-neutral fuel. This would allow the Iconic SP to be run in a virtually carbon-neutral state.

Mazda iconic sp concept from the rear

The system features Vehicle-to-X capability, allowing it to supply power when out and about or during times of disaster.

Mazda managed to keep the weight distribution pretty close to 50:50 and they’ve kept the centre of gravity exceptionally low with the compact rotary engine being housed in the middle-rear of the car. The exterior body shape is accentuated by the new “Viola Red” colour, which is a celebration of Mazda’s favourite colour.

Being a Hiroshima-based company, Mazda has reached out to other regional industries for sustainable solutions for the Iconic SP. The interior fabrics are all plant-derived with a low environmental impact made by BIOFABRIC + INDIGO DYE.

There are interior components that are made out of oyster shell materials from SUSTAINABLE OYSTER SHELL Oysters. Finally, Mazda is also working with MICROALGAE ENERGY to create fuel out of nannochloropsis in the Seto Inland Sea.

Here are the specifications of the Mazda Iconic SP.

Overall length x width x height (mm)4,180 × 1,850 × 1,150
Wheelbase (mm)2,590
Power-weight ratio3.9
Maximum output (PS)370
Weight (kg)1,450

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