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Sime Darby Motors’ ‘Seeds of Sustainability’ Initiative: Nurturing a Greener Malaysia

Sime Darby Motors gives back to the environment with a new ‘Seeds of Sustainability’ initiative.

In a world where environmental concerns have taken center stage, corporations are stepping up to the plate to make a difference. Sime Darby Motors, Retail and Distribution Malaysia, recently launched its ‘Seeds of Sustainability’ initiative, marking a significant commitment to fostering environmental preservation and sustainability. This initiative is a testament to the company’s dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, aligning with their goal of making sustainable choices more accessible in Malaysia.

Planting the Seeds of Sustainability

The ‘Seeds of Sustainability’ initiative brought together over 100 dedicated employee volunteers at the picturesque Sepang Gold Coast. Their mission? To plant more than 50 Casuarina saplings along the shoreline, aiming to strengthen the coastal ecosystem while beautifying the area. But this initiative went beyond just planting trees.

A Message from the Leadership

Jeffrey Gan, the Managing Director of Retail and Distribution, Sime Darby Motors Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Macau, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability, saying, “In line with our pledge to forge a sustainable future, our ‘Seeds of Sustainability’ initiative provides a platform for employee volunteerism in contributing to environmental preservation, alongside instilling a strong ESG mindset.” Mr. Gan also shared insights into the company’s strategic plans, which include the promotion of electric vehicles (EVs) in Malaysia, thus supporting the nation’s decarbonization objectives.

Sime Darby Seeds of Sustainability CSR

Beach Cleanup for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Sime Darby Motors recognizes that environmental preservation extends beyond planting trees. To tackle the immediate concerns plaguing our beaches, the company partnered with the non-governmental organization Ocean Hero Conservation. The dedicated volunteers took to the shores, collecting more than 73 kilograms of trash. This not only rejuvenated the beach but also underscored the importance of responsible waste management in preserving our precious natural ecosystems.

Educating for Sustainable Change

In addition to these hands-on activities, Sime Darby Motors organized an ESG awareness briefing and sustainability workshop. This initiative aimed to empower employees with knowledge and awareness of the crucial role they play in promoting environmental preservation. By educating employees about the principles of ESG, the company fosters a culture of responsibility, encouraging them to become advocates for sustainability within and beyond the workplace.

Driving Sustainable Choices

Sime Darby Motors is not only planting trees and cleaning beaches but is also making strides in sustainable transportation. The company continues to lead Malaysia’s EV landscape with the introduction of world-class vehicles, such as the BYD Dolphin and BMW iX, catering to both the mass market and premium luxury segments. Their nationwide expansion of EV charging networks and the evolution of showrooms and service workshops to be fully EV-ready showcase the commitment to making sustainable choices more accessible to all.


A Greener Future for Malaysia

As Sime Darby Motors advances its commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability, the company is actively nurturing a greener future for Malaysia. By taking the lead in sustainability initiatives and embracing ESG principles, they aim to inspire not only their employees but also the wider community to join the movement for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable Malaysia. Sime Darby Motors’ ‘Seeds of Sustainability’ initiative is proof that the path to a better future starts with a few seeds and a whole lot of dedication.

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